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    Can you eat broad beans raw?

    I have just found out that cooked broad beans (one of my fave vegetables) has a very high GI value - bad news for my eating plan. But raw it is fine, similar with cooked carrots against eating them raw.

    Now that's fine as i mainly eat carrot raw anyhow, but broad beans, are they poisonous raw in the ilk of kidney beans?

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    Abnormal Damsel Mrs B

    Re: Can you eat broad beans raw?

    I don't *think* they're poisonous, but may give you tummy ache.

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    Ditzy Damsel book_lover

    Re: Can you eat broad beans raw?

    I've got a lovely bruschetta topping recipe in the Jamie's Italy recipe book which is basically raw broad beans, olive oil, garlic, lemon and parmesan whizzed in a blender. Also the addition of pine nuts or some other nuts to this would give you some sort of pesto.

    It was actually very tasty!


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    Re: Can you eat broad beans raw?

    I love raw broad beans, they're lovely.
    Can be a bit wind inducing though ....

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    Re: Can you eat broad beans raw?

    I eat tons of veg and pulses and i don't have wind probs now so i guess my gut is used to it

    I shall def have some raw broad beans then and see how i go! Thanks guys x

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