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      Sold our house but nowhere to go

      Hi all,

      I'm starting to panic a bit now as we had had an offer on our house a coulple of weeks ago, which we accepted. Problem is the house had only been on just over a week and we no way expected to sell that quick.
      Now the trouble is we can't find anything in the areas we want to move to. All the estate agents keep saying that there will be loads coming on after christmas but surely that won't happen strait away??
      So the only other option, if we can't find anywhere, is to sell up and move in with my parents for a couple of months!!! It wil be sooo strange not owning our own home though and i'm a tad worried that house prices will increase a little in the meantime. Is it a risk worth taking so we get our dream home though??
      My friend did similar last year, except she rented inbetween, and it worked out well.


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      Snorks 6, Mr Baby 3! parkejm

      Re: Sold our house but nowhere to go

      I know quite a few people who have moved in with family or have been renting mainly because a house these days is so expensive that they don't want to settle for a house they don't love, and pay loads of money on the mortgage/fees etc when they will want to move again sooner because they made a quick decision on a house to buy

      Good luck!
      xx Hermie xx
      xx Snorks xx
      xx Mr Baby xx

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      Re: Sold our house but nowhere to go

      Thanks parkejm, thats exactly why I don't want us to rush into this, we will want to live in this house for a good few years so we need to love it.


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      Re: Sold our house but nowhere to go

      Hi UTG

      I don't think prices will rise - they are talking about another rise in interest rates in the New Year.

      Loads and loads of people put their houses on the market in the Spring, so your EA is right. If moving in ith your parents wouldn't bother you, it would certainly put you in a very strong buying position when you do fnd the right house.

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      Re: Sold our house but nowhere to go

      Lots of people move in with family in between moving houses. Its a often a good way to make sure you don't loose your sale.

      When i was at work (i was a convayencing assistant/secretary) lots of people did this so they could sell their house with vacant possession as its often more appealing to people who want to purchase.

      LOADS of people WILL market their homes after Xmas, most people do it in around the 2nd week of January as they're often looking to move for Easter and that gives them the correct time scale.

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      Re: Sold our house but nowhere to go

      Good luck Uptown Girl!

      We have our house on the market at the moment and are waiting for our potential buyers to sell their house so we can proceed and we've been assured that it all picks up in the New Year so I hope for both of us that is right

      And Sparkliness another rise in interest rates aaaggghhhhh

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