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    Thread: Bounty pack qs

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      Re: Bounty pack qs

      Interesting - I normally get the Sainsbury's non-bio, but they'd run out, so I bought the Fairy non-bio gel this week instead. Happy to send a sample of either (i still have a little left of the Sainsburys one), that's any use?

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      Re: Bounty pack qs

      Abi has bad eczema & I always use surcare (washing powder & fabric conditioner). Usel slightly less than you would usually & make sure it's a reasonably hot wash. You can get Surcare at the supermarket usually.

      I don'#t knwo about the Bounty packs. Although if you register on their site I'm pretty sure you get all the follow on packs so may eb worth doing anyway.

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      Re: Bounty pack qs

      Just wanted to say thank you to all you lovely ladies!

      One gorgeous Damsel found out how to get me the Bounty packs and I got both the NB and the Family pack.

      We've tried the Fairy powder (there was a free sample) but even with the double rinse he still has a red bum

      However the original own brand stuff with a double rinse seems OK. I've also got samples of both powder and liquid Ecover which is our next one to try. It's a bit like Washing Powder CSI here with various bags filled with nappies washed in Powder X or Powder Y and the airing cupboard as a holding space for those washed with ecoballs.

      I did write to Biod to ask for a sample but no response. If I have no luck with Ecover I'll try and get a sample of surcare as well and maybe the Fairy gel if it's better than the powder (seems some of you definitely find that's the case)

      Thanks all you lovely people!

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