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      Wedding outfit advice please!

      Arrrggggggg, don't know what to do!

      Quick background. BIL and his girlfriend are getting married in August. The girls are invited to the church but not the reception so will not be with us all for that long, just the ceremony and a few photos afterwards. My parents have generously bought them both dresses for the day when they were in Bangkok, L will be wearing black and white and B has a red and white dress with big white spots and small red ones.

      Soooo, I'm beginning to put an outfit together for myself and I've found a couple of dresses I love. BUT there is a problem that I'd not thought of. They are both red. One of them even has white polka dot spots. The same colours as the dress my parents bought for B So, in theory we will be dressed the same if I go for either of them Now, we won't be together for that long as they aren't at the reception but I suspect there will be some family photos at the church and enough time for people to comment on similar colours.

      Changing her dress isn't an option really. She loves it and knows that she is wearing it to the wedding. I guess I could try and tempt her with something else but it obviously means spending out money when I've got something already. But I've been looking for several weeks myself and these dresses are the only thing that I've actually liked enough :headbangwall: Obviously the style of dress will be different but same/similar colours.

      So, dressing in the same colours as one of your children for a wedding - completely twee or acceptable in the circumstances?!?!?!
      L is 6
      B is 4

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      Re: Wedding outfit advice please!

      Could you wear a jacket or similar over yours in church so they don't look as similar? You could then take it off at the reception when it won't matter anyway?

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      Muso Madwife
      North Derbyshire
      I don't think it would even occur to me that dressing the same might look odd, but then I'm not observant in the least
      I would just wear the same. You can always accessorise differently with cardigan, shoes etc to make it less obvious. As you say, she will only be with you for a short time.
      Abigail( 11) Ivy (7) Betsy (5)

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      Carpe Diem katkinn

      Re: Wedding outfit advice please!

      I wouldn't mind wearing the same colour (unless it was a much more obscure colour like aubergine or turquoise, but with red I think you're fine).

      But I have to say I would draw the line at the same colour and the same pattern OFten, completely unwittingly, I will be in navy and white stripes, as will my youngest and someone will Always make some "hilarious" remark.

      Unless you want to risk feeling the need to punch people all day at their comments, I'd either stick to the same colour or find something else. Both in red polka dots though would be a big no no from me!

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      Abnormal Damsel Mrs B

      Re: Wedding outfit advice please!

      Agree with Kat - same colour yes, same colour AND design definitely not.

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      Chief Damsel Damsella
      A hollowed out volcano in Hampshire

      Re: Wedding outfit advice please!

      Far too Family Von Trapp
      Call me (Mrs) Damz

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      Re: Wedding outfit advice please!

      Right - relieved that the same colour is deemed ok, hear you all loud and clear about the matching polka dots

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