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      Totally Shattered Damsel

      Where's the day gone?

      I dropped the boys off at school, back 9.05am, lay down on the sofa for 5 minutes........ and have just woken up

      Oh dear

      Can I fit what I had to do in 6 hours into the next 1 1/2?

      an BG xx

      In my defence, melud, I have been feeling a bit poorly for the last couple of days

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      is free!! Cymber

      Re: Where's the day gone?

      You obviously needed it, don't feel all over it!
      The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

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      Chief Damsel Damsella
      A hollowed out volcano in Hampshire

      Re: Where's the day gone?

      If your body needs sleep, your body needs sleep. People get burned out and ill when they insist on not resting when they obviously need it.
      Call me (Mrs) Damz

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      30-something Damsel bubbasweet

      Re: Where's the day gone?

      you obviously needed it!

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      You must have needed it don't feel guilty sounds blissful

      I'm the opposite know I need it and planned a day of sleeping as ds at nursery just me and dd today and I havent had a wink! I sorted kids clothes/room,did ironing,cleaned bathrooms,did some house hunting/catchment school research,online food shop and some laundry and it's time to go get ds now!dropped him at 8am!

      Planned a bath too but that never happened either do will be shower after bedtime for the kids will need to be an early night here I think

      baby max born 14.4.2010,mmc 6.12.2007,mmc 11.06.2008, mc 25.11.2008

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      Re: Where's the day gone?

      Whoopsie! Easily done though and better for you to catch up on sleep than be more tired from being busy etc

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      Totally Shattered Damsel

      Re: Where's the day gone?

      Thank you

      Managed to do a 'lick and promise' dash around the house before picking the boys up and will get sorted by tomorrow.

      Do feel miles better for my 'nap' though!

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