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    . Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    What did you have ?

    I have no idea (although i could say i have a new dress and shoes )

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    Tired Biba
    Over the pond and far away

    Re: Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    Old - Antique necklace I bought to wear
    New - Dress
    Borrowed - My lace veil worn by My great grandma, Grandma , Mum & Sister before me and maybe further back than that in our family
    Blue - Had the date and our initials embroidered in blue and then tacked inside my dress

    Meg 22 years old
    10.09.07 Hello I've waited here for you Everlong

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    The name's Wilma! Miffy
    Miffy's House

    Re: Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    Old - my great grandma's watch that was left to me when she died when I was tiny.
    New - dress etc.
    Borrowed - a pearl necklace from my mum
    Blue - I had blue nail varnish on my toes
    love from Miffy xxx

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    On our way 2 the USA suemarie
    Derbyshire/ Nottinghamshire border

    Re: Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    Something old: Antique Nottingham lace handerchief
    Something new: My dress
    Something borrowed: my mums pearl earrings
    Something blue: the bow on my Antique Nottingham lace garter
    & a silver sixpence in my shoe from 1855

    Something old, something new
    Something borrowed, something blue
    And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

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    Damsel Diva clowe74
    The wonderful County of Durham

    Re: Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    the blue will be your lips if this weather dosnt give its head a shake
    DS1 16, DS2 14, DD 11

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    .......... Damsel Adelelee
    My House

    Re: Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    Old - Cant remember
    New - Dress
    Borrowed - perfume from my mum
    blue - tiny blue ribbon stitched in my dress

    Just give me a block, I'm gonna be fine..........

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    Chief Damsel Damsella
    A hollowed out volcano in Hampshire

    Re: Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    Haven't given a thought to it Won't be doing any of it, except wearing New I guess.
    Call me (Mrs) Damz

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    Disorganised Damsel RealGoneKid
    I had my grandma's sapphire engagement ring made into a pendant, which was old and blue. I borrowed a chain from my mum to wear it on. Everything else was new!

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    Tits McGee WeeBird
    On my sofa

    Re: Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    Something old - can't remember
    Something new - my dress
    Something borrowed - rose gold necklace from my MIL
    Something blue - my toenails were painted with blue nail varnish
    9 7 Jan 08 4 3

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    Old - my nans eternity ring.
    New - my dress & veil.
    Borrowed - my sisters wedding shoes
    Blue - my engagement ring has blue diamonds in it, worn on my right hand until after the photos.

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    Bitsy Von Muffling Chocolate Lips
    Round the twist

    Re: Old - New - Borrowed - Blue

    I don't think I did it. Aside from new obviously, I did borrow a bag but that wasn't an intentional thing. Oh I painted my toenails blue. Nothing old though.

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