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      So we bought a new phone.....

      and its even worse than the last one!!!! The last one was a BT one, and it was crackly and faint and rattled a bit. So we went to Homebase and bought a more modern BT one, threw out the old, and today I had the first call on it and it was useless! Really echoey and fuzzy.

      Grrrrr. It wasn't expensive, and expect I could sell on ebay or whatever. Thing is how do we know if its the phone or our line? And if its our line do we have to pay BT to come and test it?

      Seems a bit odd that the last was fuzzy as well (although not echoey).

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      Damsel Diva clowe74
      The wonderful County of Durham

      Re: So we bought a new phone.....

      We had this at our old house and BT came and had to put a new line in with no charge to us. You can ring BT and they do a line check at their end but it dsnt always show it up
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      is free!! Cymber

      Re: So we bought a new phone.....

      We,ve had this issue before when buying new phones and I've always taken them back to the shop (usually Argos) and said they're not good/loud enough.
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      Damsel Diva Bert2e
      South East

      Re: So we bought a new phone.....

      I'd check with whoever supplies your line - we had this and it turned out to be water in the green box thingy at the end of the road .

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      Slightly eldery Damsel! wickenwoman
      Somewhere, out there....

      Re: So we bought a new phone.....

      Either plug your new phone in on a line you know is OK (an obliging neighbour or friend) or plug in a phone you know works (preferably a corded phone).

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      Divorced Damsel :D bubblewrap

      Re: So we bought a new phone.....

      Good luck! I've had problems with my phone/line for three years and noone is accepting responsibility for any fault so I just have to put up with it!

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      Re: So we bought a new phone.....

      I get random beeping during my conversations on my line. Am not sure if it cuts out at the other end when it does it or if they don't notice it at all. Fecking annoying.

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      30-something Damsel bubbasweet

      Re: So we bought a new phone.....

      It's likely to be the line rather than the phone so contact your provider before you buy another new handset!

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