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    Story Teller Magazine

    Years ago when I was Amelia's age I used to get a magazine called Story Teller that I loved and I've managed to get them on PDF and cd, Amelia is enjoying them as much me. I've put all the PDFs on to my iPad and the CDs on to the iPod.

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    Shimmying Damsel allana
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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    I used to love these! I was thrilled to discover a few years ago that you could get Gobbolino, the Witch's Cat at Amazon. My favourite story, though, was the one where the family planted a boot and it grew into a tree. Then they made pies with the boot-fruit!
    Lucas ~*~ 22.10.06

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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    Never heard of it but how lovely that you have been able to get hold of it so A can enjoy them
    Just give me a block, I'm gonna be fine..........

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    Damsel Diva
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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    I had a few story teller magazines I also remember Gobbolino the witches cat

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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    What a lovely idea - I will try this for DD!
    Call me (Mrs) Damz

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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    We were reading Gobbolino the witches cat earlier. I remember reading them till my eyes wouldnt stay open.

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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    Quote Originally Posted by Damsella View Post
    What a lovely idea - I will try this for DD!
    Damz I have them on CD let me know if you want to borrow it. I just transferred the stories onto the iPod and then saved the magazines.

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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    I've still got the magazines and dug them out of the loft for my girls a few months ago. My grandparents collected the whole series for me, although I've lost all the tapes that came with them

    I loved Twiggy (I think his name was) as he had a spider called Abigail.

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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    We had them too when we were much younger back in the 80s.

    My favouties stories were:

    Gobbolino the witches cat
    The shoe tree
    Aldo in Arcadia
    The red nightcaps
    I think we only had parts 1 & can still listen to them on you tube.

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    Re: Story Teller Magazine

    I collected Story Teller! I loved Gobbolino!

    I still have them all (the magazines are in Story Teller binders and the cassettes are in Story Teller cases) just in case I have children.

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