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      Present for 5 year old boy

      Its my nephews birthday and I'm stumped for ideas. It needs to be a website where they will gift wrap and send it directly to him.

      Any ideas ladies?

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      Snorks 6, Mr Baby 3! parkejm

      Re: Present for 5 year old boy

      Stomp rocket? That's what I'm getting every little boy this year Amazon does them & they giftwrap
      xx Hermie xx
      xx Snorks xx
      xx Mr Baby xx

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      Re: Present for 5 year old boy


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      Re: Present for 5 year old boy

      Yes I saw that! I did consider it then was concerned how far it would go? Not sure my SIL would approve......

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      Re: Present for 5 year old boy

      Yes Lego might be a good idea.....

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      Invisable Chell
      Lego, dinosaurs or little animals.
      DS July 2003, DD1 January 2005, DD2 August 2008

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      Carpe Diem katkinn

      Re: Present for 5 year old boy

      Isn't it funny his all boys are different. Mine wouldn't remotely appreciate dinosaurs or animals (heathens) I would definitely also say yay for Lego and the stomp rocket.

      Depending on how much you like your family I would also recommend water guns or need guns or any sort of sword/light sabre. You can never have enough!

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      Mine would love Lego or a stomp rocket!

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      Re: Present for 5 year old boy

      Pogo stick?

      I bought two the other day from Argos for birthday pressies. I've not had any feedback yet, but the reviews for this one are quite good - great price if you buy 2 too!
      08-02-04 spa 28-04-06

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