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      It's my 40th on Dec 15th & I'm planning on having my 'do' that day, but I have already spoken to most people about it, and am planning on letting the others know in the next week or so.

      It's rubbish having a December birthday isn't it.

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      Re: Party dilemma: which date?

      I'd definitely go for early December as others have said, a nice way to get into the festivities

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      Re: Party dilemma: which date?

      We have a family party around the 21/22 December every year - it's sort of a Christmas party (DH's family is huge, and everyone splits into smaller family units for Christmas itself) - but we know that's coming up, so it's not a problem. I would go for earlier in December if I were you, as more people are likely to be able to attend.

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      January is such a dull month Everyone is poor, loads of people give up booze, and everyone is partied out.
      Are they 'partied out' because of the 'party season' The family party is the only one I ever go to - can't stand the things, I've never been 'partied out'. And I like January (several important people's birthdays are in January).
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