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      Degenerating fibroid - anyone had one?

      I had to have an early scan today as I had a tiny bit of bleeding and pain on Saturday. Was relieved to find out all is ok but I also have a degenerating fibroid, which from what I can gather from googling, could be bad news for the development of baby and cause miscarriage, preterm labour etc.

      I've gone from being so happy all was ok to terrified. I've got to be rescanned in 2 weeks to make sure baby is still growing.

      Apparently fibroids degenerate when they have outgrown their blood supply which causes extreme pain. Can anyone offer any positive stories? Thanks.

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      Damsel Diva S-J

      Re: Degenerating fibroid - anyone had one?

      No experience Emmyloo but sending you a Hope the next 2 weeks for re-scan go quickly for you.

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      Thanks sj x

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      Damsel Diva claireh

      Re: Degenerating fibroid - anyone had one?

      I hope everything is ok Emmyloo. Xx

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