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      Stinky lunch boxes...

      Mmmmm what a beautiful title!
      the boys packed lunch boxes smell and it's disgusting, they have 2 each so I can thoroughly wash them out on alternative days and one of them is only about 4 weeks old but smells already
      i empty and clean them out as soon as we get home and spray them with multi purpose kitchen spray and leave them open to dry etc but they still whiff.
      i don't hint it helps that once lunch is finished they are then left on a tray outside the class room till 3 pm and the children don't throw away their rubbish as they say they want parents to know what has and hasn't been eaten. So if they have yogurts there is sometimes some residue left ove or a bit of spillage from the end of a Capri sun etc.
      just wondered what other people do, surely they only need new lunch boxes each term??

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      Chief Damsel Damsella
      A hollowed out volcano in Hampshire

      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      Could you pop a small baggie in and ask your boys to put the rubbish in it, before they put it in the lunchbox?
      Call me (Mrs) Damz

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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      What kind do they have? My son has the lego brick one (since August) and it never smells and he always leaves his leftovers in it.

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      Abnormal Damsel Mrs B

      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      If they have the soft material-like one, just chuck 'em in the washing machine. Hard plastic ones here get washed with the dishes. Our school does the same with leftovers too, I just get him to put all the wrappers etc in the bag his sarnie was in.

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      On our way 2 the USA suemarie
      Derbyshire/ Nottinghamshire border

      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      Lucy has the Jamie Oliver metal lunch tin & a pink zip up fabric thing, neither one smells however I haven't used any harsh chemicals on either, I use fairy liquid on the tin & the fabric one goes in the washing machine.

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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      I regularly wash the girls fabric ones in the washing machine and can't say we've ever had problems with smells??
      L is 6
      B is 4

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      Damsel Diva BonnieTyler

      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      Yes I wash the kids fabric ones in the washing machine about once a week, usually on a Friday.

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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      Ooh that's good to know, think I will put them in the washing machine
      pits a bit hit and miss, literally With Thomas putting his "empties" in a bag, I might leave a post it in there for his assistant to see (he has a one-to-one at lunch)
      I'd much rather a hard plastic one than a fabric one but haven't seen them anywhere... Is the lego one hard plastic? Might look into that if so

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      Damsel Diva
      here & there

      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      I bought about 5 "tuppaware" tubs from the Chinese supermarket for 1-2 for my lunch, and even with salad dregs they don't smell at the end of the day (when they then get chucked in the dishwasher). Could you put a tuppaware type box in the fabric bag?

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      Slack Mummy myzzterri
      up to my eyeballs in nappies

      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      My boys have a Bibetta lunchbag each. They're made from neoprene & are really hard-wearing. Euwyn & Brett have been using theirs for nearly 2 years now & they're fine, don't need replacing at all

      They also bring all their leftovers home (including half-eaten yoghurts & mashed up bananas - yuck) & all it takes is chucking in the washing machine (preferably just once a week but obv if we've had the above situation, when necessary) & they dry overnight. No smells!

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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      We had problems with stinky lunch-bags and hard plastic lunchboxes cracking and breaking, so I bit the bullet and forked out for Sigg metal boxes. They are expensive but last for years and they don't smell at all. I give them a wash out each evening in the kitchen sink and they are absolutely fine.

      D x

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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      Yeah this is the lego one

      We have also used a plain sistema clear one with a clip on lid which was fine too

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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      Ooh lovely thanks for the links guys, some great choices

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      Damsel Diva Bert2e
      South East

      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      We have these and they get washed every night in the sink - I got fed up with stinky bags!


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      Legal Alien Honey Dew
      Adelaide Hills 90210
      My gang have the same ones as Myzz's boys. They're great!

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