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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      We had problems with stinky lunch-bags and hard plastic lunchboxes cracking and breaking, so I bit the bullet and forked out for Sigg metal boxes. They are expensive but last for years and they don't smell at all. I give them a wash out each evening in the kitchen sink and they are absolutely fine.

      D x

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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      Yeah this is the lego one

      We have also used a plain sistema clear one with a clip on lid which was fine too

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      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      Ooh lovely thanks for the links guys, some great choices

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      Damsel Diva Bert2e
      South East

      Re: Stinky lunch boxes...

      We have these and they get washed every night in the sink - I got fed up with stinky bags!


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      Legal Alien Honey Dew
      Adelaide Hills 90210
      My gang have the same ones as Myzz's boys. They're great!

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