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      Can babies be iron deficient?

      Annabel is on Hipp follow on milk, and has always liked her sleep but lately she is even more sleepy, she is only managing to be up for about two hrs then is tired enough to go bed again. I wonder if its just tiredness from being more active or whether she may have low iron. What do you think?

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      Damsel Diva Peony
      NE UK

      Re: Can babies be iron deficient?

      Yes they can be - does she eat much red meat/green veg as well as the follow on formula (I believe some have iron added but I couldn't tell you which ones). For a kid friendly spinach rich meal try AK's popeye pasta recipe. It happens to be one of Ava's favourites and as I use frozen chopped spinach is a great fall back meal.

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      Re: Can babies be iron deficient?

      She woke up for her food, but didnt have much so i gave her a bottle and then she was a bit sick so put her back to bed after some calpol. Im trying to get an apt at the docs as she just seems so weak today

      I will search out that popeye recipe when shes better thanks x

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