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      Plaster dust everywhere :- (

      We are having a new bathroom put in this week (and next). Today he mixed plaster in our garage (adjoining) with the internal door open - the plaster dust is EVERYWHERE, even down stairs (garage is upstairs - upside down house) - on every surface, goodness knows what its like in the garage where all my coats are and laods of other stuff

      Going to take ages to disappear from places isn't it. I suppose I just need to ignore it all until he leaves and then have a clean up. Remind me never to take on a building project, I'd be useless.

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      Damsel Diva Peony
      NE UK

      Re: Plaster dust everywhere :- (

      I've found it takes multiple cleanups until the dust had literally settled but try and hoover and dry dust the first few times.

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      Re: Plaster dust everywhere :- (

      I feel your pain. We had every single room in our house done last year - chipped off the artex first, then replastered ceilings and painted throughout - it took 13 weeks

      and yes, we still have plaster dust in lots of places. It seems impossible to get off some surfaces, like light fittings. And it breaks your hoover.
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      Abnormal Damsel Mrs B
      Yikes, horrible. We had the bedrooms plastered recently and I had to send the kids away for a week, no way could they have slept in their own beds. Make sure he shuts the doors as much as possible!

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      Damsel Diva Bert2e
      South East

      Re: Plaster dust everywhere :- (

      I actually taped doors shut with 2 inch wide masking tape to make sure there were no gaps. Brick dust is much worse for your hoover but plaster dust clogs the filter

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      Re: Plaster dust everywhere :- (

      We had this recently and the dust got absolutely everywhere; it was a nightmare!

      We cleaned before the work had been completed which was a complete waste of our time as it ended up exactly the same the next day.

      After the work had been finished, my husband and I teamed up and spent hours cleaning literally every inch of the place, so we got rid of it pretty quickly (within a day).

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