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      Divorced Damsel :D bubblewrap

      Re: Timing for a 6 year old's birthday party - WWYD?

      It would be too late for us, as I don't drive so rely on someone else to help me out. In fact, it being 1/2 hr away would make it an instant no-no for me, unless it was a close friend/family.

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      Bitsy Von Muffling Chocolate Lips
      Round the twist

      Re: Timing for a 6 year old's birthday party - WWYD?

      Would be too late for us, mine are normally comatose by 7pm (we actually turned one down last weekend because it was soft play that finished at 7.30) I might make an exception for a best friend...

      Besides which it's a Saturday night and I have better things to do with my time on a Saturday night than ferry my small children back and forth to birthday parties

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      Re: Timing for a 6 year old's birthday party - WWYD?

      Way too late for me. Sat evenings are for telly, wine, relaxing and nice food not getting back at 8.30 missing all the good tv and a good hour of lovely wine time.

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      Ds is routine boy and come 6 is shattered bedtime is 7 without fail

      He wouldnt enjoy it to his fullest I don't think if he was tired

      He is only 2 not 6 but I can imagine whatever his bedtime becomes he will still be ready for bed at that time

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      Damsel Diva
      Even if DS1 could cope DS2 would be a nightmare by this time & I'd also be a bit about wasting half my Saturday night in collecting this late.

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      Re: Timing for a 6 year old's birthday party - WWYD?

      Mine (who has just turned 6) is still in bed by 6.30 each night. She had to stay out until 8 recently for a school concert and was nearly sick as she was so tired. So I would have to say no to a party that late, we've actually turned down 5-7 parties as well for the same reason.
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      Disorganised Damsel RealGoneKid
      Fine here on a Friday or Saturday

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      Carpe Diem katkinn

      Re: Timing for a 6 year old's birthday party - WWYD?

      Sorry, would be a no from here as well. Am I the only one who has never ever heard of a child's party finishing any where near that time? 7pm is unheard of here. And my eldest is 7!

      It's not the timing so much for the 6 yr old, but the fact that more often than not on a Frid or Sat night we're busy. I give up the majority of my Sats and Suns for football/gymnastics/rugby and parties but I completely draw the line at Sat nights.

      I sort of envisage having to do it once they're older but not at the age of 6.

      Grumpy curmudgeonly rant over

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      Invisable Chell

      Re: Timing for a 6 year old's birthday party - WWYD?

      We've had a couple of parties that finish after 8pm. I think one soft play does private parties from 6.45-8.15 and the other is 6.30-8pm. You can have meals provided but at the ones we've been to the host has just provided snacks such as crisps and cakes.
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