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      Scan question please - confused!

      So I went for an early pregnancy scan this morn, privately, and it was pretty interesting, if not confusing

      First of all i have a fibroid measuring about 5cm round, its laying above my cervix so said we would need to keep an eye on it as it could end up affecting delivery. She said it was fairly common though and could only see one, so I wasn't too concerned.

      The thing that's really confused me is the date the baby is measuring. I used an app to track my cycles, menstruation etc and I know for a fact that the first day of my last period was the 17th February, so I should be 8+2 I'm actually measuring 9+1. She couldn't explain why and how so im left really puzzled.

      Is this common or could there be something wrong with the pregnancy meaning the foetus is growing too fast? I was left feeling that I was obviously a bit flaky about dates but I have all my cycles tracked for the last few months so i know when I conceived etc, now I'm just

      Thanks girls

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      Snorks 6, Mr Baby 3! parkejm

      Re: Scan question please - confused!

      With all 3 of my pgs I knew when I ov'd as I was tracking ovulation and taking my temperature daily (plus I knew exactly when we'd had sex) but they always dated me as further into the pregnancy than I thought. Both Oscar and Oren were overdue by their dates - 12 and 10 days respectively, so were spot on by my dates. It's just something they do and doesn't really mean much in my opinion and I would say try not to worry about it.

      At this stage the baby is still tiny so a millimetre here or there on the scan can make a big difference too. They could well change your dates at the 12 weeks scan.
      xx Hermie xx
      xx Snorks xx
      xx Mr Baby xx

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      Re: Scan question please - confused!

      I agree, please do not worry.

      Firstly, it is very common for dates to be out at this stage. To be told you are further gone than you are is better than to be told the baby is behind dates, as then there is a worry that it is not developing properly and you could m/c (which happened to me). So to be ahead is absolutely fine, do not worry.

      As for the fibroids, that is really common too. Unless you have a lot or they are massive (as in you have suffered for years) they won't affect your pg, but may affect the delivery. If it is growing over/close to the cervix then you will be advised to have a c/s, but don't worry about that right now. Your fibroid may not grow any more or may grow in a different direction.


      s xxx

      Mummy to three gorgeous boys aged 8, 6 and our precious baby born March 2010
      Two more babies always loved xxx

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      Re: Scan question please - confused!

      Yep, nowt to worry about, it's simply margin of error. At this stage the difference is tiny, you're measuring in mm on a screen so it isn't ever going to be that accurate.

      My hospital don't bother moving dates unless you're more than two weeks out, when it's likely that your dates might be very wrong, for example mistaking an implantation bleed for a period. It's fairly rare to deliver on your due date anyway so I can never see why people worry about a day or two.

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      Damsel Diva *Marti*

      Re: Scan question please - confused!

      Yes this happens, could just be the rate the foetus is growing, sounds like you have a strong healthy bubba in there and I wouldnt worry

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      Re: Scan question please - confused!

      Aaah that's made me feel SO much better, thank you

      The image was so clear on screen I got all emotional! OH is so gaga over it now he has seen it, it was defo worth the money

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      Re: Scan question please - confused!

      Yes, mine have all been put forward, this one by 10 days, I think it's a sign for boys I know for a fact when this baby was conceived, I tried to explain to my consultant that by the third time there's not huge amounts of romance involved with ttc
      if a fibroid is the same thing as a cyst, I had this at an early scan too but it was gone by my 12 week one.

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