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      WINTER is coming, oh wait Skipping Girl

      farfetch.com - free global shipping

      Hi all,

      I bought my Moncler coat via this site - they are an affilate for assorted boutiques all over the world. Most (all I think) of the stuff is designer/brand and therefore eye-watering prices to my mind but you can search by price...

      Anyway they have global free shipping at the moment so you can buy from any of the boutiques globally and not pay shipping.

      If they had a reasonably-priced 1940s dress I'd be set!


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      Damsel Diva DietCoke
      In a state of constant chaos
      Ooh thanks for this, I'm getting a bit "over" shopping from ASOS!

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      Carpe Diem katkinn

      Re: farfetch.com - free global shipping

      Thanks for that I don't suppose anyone (yawn yawn) knows about the customs issue do they? I seem to (again!) be able to get my beloved trousers for half the price. I'm going to have to order them today from the UK and actually see if they fit.

      DC have you tried Shopbop? That seems to ship globally as well although again not sure of the customes issue - did a post on it yesterday.

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      Katkinn if you check somewhere like Macy's or another us dept store you can get almost all the way through checkout and find out what the charges will be if shopbop don't tell you.

      I bought a bracelet from shopbop a few weeks ago and definitely knew the customs and tax upfront in the process, well before I put card details in.

      I know this is the wrong thread but taxes will always be 20% for vat plus an import fee. Not sure how much import fee is but the 20% vat is usually enough to put me off, I've got a friend who lives in new York who has a nice little stockpile of bits to bring back for me on her next trip. If you can have delivered to USA you only pay that states tax but then you obv have the problem of getting it here!

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