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    Thread: IBS Triggers

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      IBS Triggers

      Apologies, as I don't think I've given this thread the best title. I've been trying to work out what triggers IBS flare ups, as even when I take medication, I still feel like crappola at times. I've more or less realised that hormones, and to some extent, stress make things worse, but I'm also pretty sure that dairy and cereals, bread are food triggers. I think I can get away with eating small amounts of natural probiotic yogurt or milk in tea, but realise that eating as little cereal, bread or dairy is probably going to be best. If you have to limit certain foods, hoe do you do it? Does it take a while to get used to? I'm starting to drink and eat Lactofree products, which IMO are much more paletteable than soya.
      Sorry, I feel like I've posted about this quite a lot.

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      FAT donna-j
      At the seaside
      Wheat. Have a look on the Paleo threads for ideas on how to avoid it. I only eat bread, pasta etc once in a blue moon now.

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      Re: IBS Triggers

      I'm fine with wheat, bread, cereals etc but these are my triggers:

      - dairy. I only drink lactofree milk and goats cheese. No other cheese milk yogurts etc

      - citrus as in oranges, satsumas etc. a little lemon or lime is fine and luckily marmalade doesn't affect me. Just had marmalade on toast for breakfast.

      - coffee. Don't go there!

      - anything too oniony. A little onion in cooking is fine, raw onion in a salad isnt.

      e that helps. I found keeping a really strict diet then slowly reintroducing things was the only way to find my triggers.

      Finally , stress is a major trigger. I started exercising and found that really helped I'm not sure if it helps as a stress release or just gets my body moving more, but it works for me

      Mummy to three gorgeous boys aged 8, 6 and our precious baby born March 2010
      Two more babies always loved xxx

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      Re: IBS Triggers

      I've been having problems too, who thought it could be so miserable

      I'm no good with Milk, major , coffee seems to be bothering me too, soya, dried fruit, raw vegetables, raw fruit, anything with skins, red meat, especially mince, greasy foods, spicy foods, large amounts of bread, chocolate, bran, beans, mushrooms.

      Overeating is a big trigger for me, and also I can't seem to drink with a meal any more.

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      Damsel Diva
      here & there

      Re: IBS Triggers

      I don't know ifi have IBS but I get painful cramps and spend a long time in the bathroom, bloating too if I eat peppers.
      Peppers are like cryptonite they make me really ill. Chilli peppers in moderation are ok. Oh and too much blue cheese, especially the Italian one that's nice in salads.
      Too much full/semi milk will make me bloaty & gassy.
      Not sure if this is IBS or just a bit of an intolerance.

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      Re: IBS Triggers

      I don't have IBS but loads of people on the Paleo forums have it and find cutting grains, dairy and sugar helps.

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      FAT donna-j
      At the seaside
      Well I pigged on wheat things today and boy am I suffering now. I don't even have IBS, but I certainly know now that wheat is not my friend.

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      Re: IBS Triggers

      Thank you for your replies, it's helpful to know your experiences. I will have a look at Paleo, as this might be a good way to go. I am more or less completely cutting out dairy (well eating Lactofree or goats milk products) and going to see if I can reduce wheat etc. Hopefully medication will help with other factors (i.e. hormones trigger flare ups). I've also been looking to see if there are any books that could be useful. Thanks again x.

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      Re: IBS Triggers

      I think it depends on the type of IBS you have, could you ask to be referred to a dietician?

      I saw one a couple of weeks back, and it was probably the most helpful thing I've had so far tbh.


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      We Will Remember Them WiCkEd_WeNcH
      In the paper mountain

      Re: IBS Triggers

      Wheat, pasta and spicy food are a huge trigger for me. Everything else in small amounts i'm ok with. I don't know about coffee as I don't drink it

      We eat wholemeal bread and pasta now and it rarely flares up from that.

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