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      Carpe Diem katkinn

      Ipod touch for a 7 year old - pros and cons

      Is it really suitable for a 7 year old? We're really struggling with what to get H for Christmas - in an ideal world we'd get her a Kindle Fire but err you can't and an Ipad is just waaaaaaay out of our price range.

      I can't get my head around it being appropriate for a 7 year old. But then I think is this me being an old fuddy Is that what 7 year olds have these days? It just so excessive and grown up (I've only just got an Iphone and I'm bloody 38!!!) and if she has that now - then what???

      But then I think - oh well I'm sure there'll be something else on the market for her to have - and an Ipod touch will be yesterday's gadget.

      But shouldn't they be bloody playing with TOYS at 7 still?? I'm sure I got a Chickaboo or a Cabbage patch kid from Santa when I was 7

      And then there's the younger brother argument. He will have a shit fit if she has one and he cant' (not helped by the fact we have friends with a little boy of 5 who has everything including an Ipod Touch) Yes of course he has to learn (he lost his effing DS so there's no WAY he's getting one )

      DH and I aren't gadget people which again though could be one of the issues. It just seems such a mammoth leap of a gift!

      She has said that if Santa brings her one she'll give her DS to A.

      arrrrgggghhhhh I don't know. She really really wants one but oh bugger I just don't know.

      If she could do her homework on it (maths stuff from a website) then I guess that'd be a tick in the plus box. Can she? (see, soooo not technical parents )

      Or do I stick with my guns and get her a digital camera?

      I can't be the only one having this dilemma!

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      Chief Damsel Damsella
      A hollowed out volcano in Hampshire

      Re: Ipod touch for a 7 year old - pros and cons

      DD plays with my iPhone a lot. But I won't give her her own iPod yet.
      Call me (Mrs) Damz

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      is free!! Cymber

      Re: Ipod touch for a 7 year old - pros and cons

      Is that what she's asked for? Does she not want toys?

      I can't get my head round mobile phones and iTouches for such young kids, maybe I'm an old fuddy too
      The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

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      Re: Ipod touch for a 7 year old - pros and cons

      I think it's too young

      Having said that dd does have access to dh's old 3G iPhone (sim taken out). It's loaded with games and video and is brill for keeping her amused or for a treat.

      I wouldn't buy one specifically though. It's just too much money and too easily damaged or lost.

      Eta; unless their homework is YouTube or net based, then no, they can't do homework on it.

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      Damsel Diva Katiekipper
      West Oxfordshire. Hug a Hoodie country!
      I think if the owner of the gadget doesn't know the iTunes password and has to go and ask Mummy's permission every time they buy an app then they're too young.
      The gadget owner should be in total control of the gadget and 7 isn't old enough for that in my opinion.

      Re homework, most kids homework sites require flash so can't be used on an iPod touch. There are some maths and reading apps but there are far better ones on the Internet that she could be using.
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      Make Do and Mend Damsel silverpod
      thrift central

      Re: Ipod touch for a 7 year old - pros and cons

      I don't think I would- mainly cos of price for us.

      I think manufacturers are missing a trick here. You can get things like the leap pad or vtech tablets which are more toy/game based and a bit sturdier but their appropriateness seems to stop around 7-8. The next step up is the real thing, or a laptop. I think they could easily make a product that fills the gap, say for 8-11 year olds, that looks more grown up and similar to a tablet but tailor the software to the age gap.
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      Re: Ipod touch for a 7 year old - pros and cons

      At our school year 3/4 and 4/5 have been given IPod touches to use in all of their lessons. So that is from age 7 for some of them. TBH they don't seem to have done much with them yet apart from use Google maps and downloads some Maths games apps and a dictionary. But that could be an argument that they are suitable for that age range.

      I would like them to get one less I pod touch and spend the money on pencils and lined paper. One pencil to last a year and absolutely no replacements seems a bit extreme, but that is a whole different rant!

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      Mother of Martians *kate*
      Quote Originally Posted by katkinn View Post
      But shouldn't they be bloody playing with TOYS at 7 still?? I'm sure I got a Chickaboo or a Cabbage patch kid from Santa when I was 7
      As a parent of an older child this rings bells for me - they grow up so very quickly once they're at secondary so IMO need to spend as much time as they can playing with toys etc. there will come a time when they just won't want toys

      I wouldn't get an itouch either at that age. And yes, if you get an itouch now, what next? I always think that you can't go back iyswim, once you've bought an itouch as a main pressie, you've sort of set a precedent.

      Just IMO of course, you can buy your kids what you want

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      Divorced Damsel :D bubblewrap

      Re: Ipod touch for a 7 year old - pros and cons

      I'm going to go against the grain here and say that if that's what she REALLY wants, and you can afford it and are not *too* against it, then she'll love it!
      My two have the use of my old iPhone 3Gs and although they both use it a bit, limit themselves fairly well and I rarely have to step in and say enough is enough!
      DD1 got a v-tech v-smile pocket thing for her.... 5th (?) birthday and grew sooo bored of it very quickly. I just don't think these kiddy versions are enough to hold their interest for as long.

      But then, my two are getting a PS3 for Xmas so what do I know?

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      FAT donna-j
      At the seaside

      Re: Ipod touch for a 7 year old - pros and cons

      Well I am going to be the only one to say get it then

      ETA: cross posted with BW.

      Thomas was given my brother's old one for his birthday (he is 6). IMO they are far better value than a DS. They do music, movies, iplayer and the games are cheap or free (25 for a DS game anyone???) If you have bought your child a DS and also portable CD players for the car (for example) then I fail to see how an iPod Touch is different.

      T never touches his DS now.

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