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      Feeling unwell after eating porridge.

      For a while I've been eating porridge for breakfast -- it seemed like a good idea with it being healthy, slow release energy etc. But after eating it, I feel really unwell. My GP thinks that I've maybe got IBS, and this seems to make it worse. I'm wondering if this is a flare up of IBS (I thought that porridge was supposed to be good for this) or if it could be an intolerance to something?

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      Ignoring the rain LibertyGal72
      South East

      Re: Feeling unwell after eating porridge.

      Porridge can have an adverse effect if you eat it too often, unless you've been brought up eating it every day that is. Maybe alternate it with an alternative slow release cereal. I don't know much about IBS. Are you okay eating high fibre cereals?

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      Re: Feeling unwell after eating porridge.

      A work colleague of mine suffered from IBS and Crohns and she couldn't eat oats of any form whatsoever, they set her off really badly. MAybe you are intolerant to oats.

      D x

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      Believes in miracles. Giggi
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      Re: Feeling unwell after eating porridge.

      I can't eat porridge. I can just about get away with having cereal bars and bread with oats, but a full bowl of porridge just makes me feel bloated and ill.

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      Invisable Chell
      I like porridge and have tried to eat it as it is healthy. However, I feel bloated and sick afterwards. I can eat homemade oath biscuits though.

      I have to avoid cereals like bran flakes. I love the taste but they give me uncontrollable windy pumps, lol!
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      30-something Damsel bubbasweet

      Re: Feeling unwell after eating porridge.

      I feel sick after eating porridge. You could have a mild lactose intolerance perhaps, so it might be the milk rather than the oats. I'm not intolerant, but my DH is very badly so - just a splash of milk in coffee or tea will make him vomit.

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      Re: Feeling unwell after eating porridge.

      With my DS and me it is a lactose intolerance issue. DS would feel much worse if it was hot milk, not sure why. He and I stick to a dairy free diet for the majority of the time and have the occasional lapse when eating out - sometimes I regret that within the hour!!

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      Re: Feeling unwell after eating porridge.

      Thanks for all of your messages and experiences. I have stopped eating porridge and for the past few days I've felt better, although think I have to be careful with what I'm eating as I still feel a bit dodgy at times. Hopefully when mebeverine starts to work, I'll feel a bit better.

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