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      Transverse baby, how late can it turn?

      I know I should probably know this, what with this being my 5th baby and all, but all the others were obligingly head down by this stage (26ish weeks). This one is transverse and showing no signs of moving.
      I know it's too early to panic about things like c-sections, but I was wondering what the latest time is that it's likely to move into a good position of its own accord? Does anyone know please?

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      Re: Transverse baby, how late can it turn?

      I think you've got plenty of time yet Queenie. Esp as it's your 5th pregnancy. Dd3 certainly spent some time transverse at around that timescale. I can't actually recall when she moved, I don't think I actually know, probably around 32 or 34 weeks, something like that. She then went head down and back to back late on, only turning during labour.

      D x

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      Damsel Diva

      Re: Transverse baby, how late can it turn?

      DS2 was transverse and finally turned around 35 weeks.

      Hope baby turns for you, as Islander says, you have plenty of time.
      July 2003
      August 2011

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      Re: Transverse baby, how late can it turn?

      I was pretty sure it had plenty of time, but my dad keeps winding me up with stories about him being transverse and his mother being in labour for 3 days etc and it was starting to get to me a bit. Bless 'im!

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      Damsel Diva Oana
      Beside the Seaside

      Re: Transverse baby, how late can it turn?

      DS2 was my third child and was transverse at 36 & 5, the following week he turned head down. He did end up turning to feet first breech at 41 weeks but I was told at my hospital that they give it until 37 weeks before taking any action/decisions although I guess that depends on your local maternity hospital.
      The consultant said it's more common for them not to be in head down position with subsequent pregnancies as things stretch a little with each pregnancy & therefore gives the baby more room to move.

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      Biker chick Damsel! stacey86

      Re: Transverse baby, how late can it turn?

      I am currently 32+3 and my lo is still transverse. I am not wprrying because there is still plenty of time for her to turn. I have a scan at 36 weeks to see if she has turned and my consultant appt straight after the scan.

      I have been told I need to get on all fours and scrub a few floprs/skirting boards

      Try not to panic Queenie

      My butterfly born 03/11/06.

      My 2nd butterfly born 24/10/11

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      Re: Transverse baby, how late can it turn?

      My ds2 turned head down from transverse just after 37 weeks

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      The name's Wilma! Miffy
      Miffy's House

      Re: Transverse baby, how late can it turn?

      Both of mine were transverse till very late.
      J turned about 32 weeks, just before a scan to check low lying placenta and R turned about 37-38 weeks.
      love from Miffy xxx

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      Dd turned transverse the day before due date when I was in the bath. It was really strange as I felt a big movement and suddenly had a dip at the top of my bump that had been hard where her bum had been for weeks and when she turned back round the mw thought she had gone the wrong way and was then breach, cue not being able to have sweep on my due date and being sent for a presentation scan instead.
      Stropy x

      Monster ds 02/08/06

      Cute dd 13/11/09

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