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      Grey emulsion in lounge?

      I'm seriously tempted to paint my lounge grey, it's currently a taupey colour, I have oak flooring and very dark brown leather sofa's. My plan is a pale grey with white woodwork.

      Just wondered if anyone has used grey and can recommend it? I want a destinct grey rather than a purpley grey iykwim.

      I fancy Farrow and Ball cornforth white http://www.farrow-ball.com/pws/Produ...&redirect=true
      but wonder if I should be more daring?

      Any advice appreciated!

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      Snorks 6, Mr Baby 3! parkejm

      Re: Grey emulsion in lounge?

      Oren's room is Cornforth White - we painted it before Oscar was born and it's neutral enough to decorate around the boys. However I would say that it changes a lot depending on the time of day. It looks much greyer at night and warmer during the day. We have some red furniture in there and the walls really take on a pinkish hue. So whilst it's a lovely colour, I wouldn't say it's a true neutral.

      We have a much flatter grey and I think it's preferable for a living room.
      xx Hermie xx
      xx Snorks xx
      xx Mr Baby xx

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      Re: Grey emulsion in lounge?

      Thanks for your reply, that's what I'm trying to avoid, I don't want it to be too dark but I want it to be an absolute grey, do you know the name and make of your flatter grey?

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      Snorks 6, Mr Baby 3! parkejm

      Re: Grey emulsion in lounge?

      Sorry was just off looking for some pics!

      In the 2nd pic the rope light around the bottom of the christmas tree is on which distorts the colour slightly. The colour is probably truest in the last pic.

      It's F&B Hardwick white. It does change a little bit, sometimes looking a bit taupey in the evening when the lights are on. Found another pic taken at night

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      Re: Grey emulsion in lounge?

      Thank you so much, I love that colour and your lounge!
      I'm going to order a tester of that grey. I have a waxed pine fire surround I might strip and paint a dark grey too.

      Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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      Damsel Diva Dink

      Re: Grey emulsion in lounge?

      I have been contemplating some grey in my house but I have wood trim, and I'm not sure how that would work (dh would kill me if I painted it). I think grey looks gorgeous with white trim.

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      Re: Grey emulsion in lounge?

      Hello! I've just signed up to Damsels after reading your post. I have been having a nightmare choosing the right grey for my Living Room. I LOVE greys and I'm a bit of a Farrow and Ball expert (though I say so myself) :) but blimey this was a tough one. I think I've used nearly all of the colours on the F&B palette at some stage EXCEPT one! And that was Hardwick White. After reading this thread and seeing the beautiful photographs, I stopped with the Pavilion Gray (which looks stunning in my dining room but not, I realised to my horror, in the Living Room) and hot-footed it out to buy Hardwick White. IT IS PERFECT!! I love it! So, thank you for ever having a grey problem! You just solved mine! :)

      What did you go for in the end?


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      Re: Grey emulsion in lounge?

      we have Dulux brushed steel in the dining room with white paint work and a light oak door. It's very light during the day but take son a darker hue at night.
      am planning new shelves probably painted in the same grey colour.

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