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      Living Social Next voucher deals?

      Has anybody managed to use theirs yet? I've just logged on to spend mine and it is saying 'pin not recognised'....anybody successfully used theirs yet? I'm panicking a bit as between me and my family we spent 60 on them! I'm hoping its not a con. We've tried 2 of the codes so far, neither is being accepted. I can't find how to contact Living Social either.
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      la la la I can't hear you Jelly

      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      I've bought 2, but haven't actually used them yet. I printed off the coupons without a problem. 1 was for the zoo Christmas thing, but something came up and we couldn't go). The other I am going to use this half term. I know others who have used vouchers at places with no problems. What one is it for?

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      Damsel Diva Lady Leah

      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      I had no problem with a Boden one the other week. Is there a customer services number you can call?
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      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      YES!! It's saying the exact same thing for me too..!! i've tried emailing the uk help email address twice but both times its failed to be delivered. have no idea what to do- there isn't a contact number in england either : s

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      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      p.s. iv tried contacting next online support just to check if its a scam and if they know what im doing wrong

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      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      There is a post about this on moneysaving expert website, it seems people who have been issued a 12 digit code, it is not working for them. The next link is now down due to technical difficulties so I am hoping this is why. (My codes and my referrals are all 12 digits long) I am on hold to living social now, I'll let you know when / if they pick up.

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      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      I've just come off the phone to Living Social, it seems there has been some technical problem with the codes. New codes are going to be issued tomorrow so no need to panic.
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      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      Thanks for the update VikkiB.
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      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      From LivingSocial - We apologise to all the people in UK that bought the NEXT deal and are experiencing difficulties with their unique redemption code. This is due to a technical fault. A group of people in UK received a wrong redemption code. All the people that received the wrong code will receive an email today or tomorrow at the latest explaining the problem and will be given the correct code which they can use to redeem. The landing page at http://www.next.co.uk/livingsocialgb/ is temporarily closed until this is fixed. We are working frantically to get this solved. Our customer care department can be reached on 08000148431 if you would like to speak to someone personally. Again we apologise for this and thank you for your patience.

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      mostly skiving... Becci
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      Re: Living Social Next voucher deals?

      I normally dislike it when people sign up for 1 message, but I am impressed with the commitment to customer service if they have trawled the internet for topics about this issue and then posted an apology and a resolution.

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