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      Damsel Diva TopStar
      In the sky

      Homemade wreaths?

      We have a holly bush in front of our new house and I fancy making our own wreath for the door. Anyone has any idea on how to make one?

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      Make Do and Mend Damsel silverpod
      thrift central

      Re: Homemade wreaths?

      I bought all my weath stuff from ebay- you need a ring, florists wire on a reel, green wire strands and german pins, as well as moss, or you could use an oasis ring but I don't know any tips for that way.

      Here is a post I did last year with some tips


      The only thing is that I did my first one using holly and I would say never again. It's harder to work with, as well as being prickly and it doesn't last as long as other greenery though I think you would be ok by now. I much preferred using evergreen, and I found something else with red berries on for colour.

      Another idea which might be easier (and save getting the kit) is to do a holly swag, I think they look effective.

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      Damsel Diva Bert2e
      South East

      Re: Homemade wreaths?

      Here's mine from last year:

      I make up lots of little bunches and then wire them onto a wicker ring - this year I will use dried orange slices but sometimes I whole satsumas and rose hips instead of holly berries as we don't have any this year. The greenery is a mix of yew, fir and ivy as that's what we have in the garden. The fir cones come from a tree up the road.

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      Re: Homemade wreaths?

      Kirsty's just made one on channel 4!
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      Damsel Diva claireh

      Re: Homemade wreaths?

      I was just going to post about Silverpod's!

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      Dazzling Damsel

      Re: Homemade wreaths?

      Our local florist/interior shop have done workshops this week and have just put the picture on facebook - they have a beautiful one with peacock feathers as part of the decorations

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