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      Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      Louis was on bottles for aaaages cause he loved them and didn't like food much. But with Lexei he isn't so bothered about milk so I was thinking about maybe changing him to a cup when he was 1 or thereabouts, when he changes to cows milk (I just typed Clown Milk there, ).

      Anyway.... at the moment he lies back and I give him his bottle, he doesn't hold it himself or anything. How would that work with a cup? If I gave him it to hold he would no doubt try to climb off me and crawl around or shake it about?

      I know its The Advice to get them off bottles but what do they suggest you do? If he's just going to mess about with a cup then whats the point?

      Red xx

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      Casual Damsel Daisy66

      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      I think with our two we changed over to those toddler spouts with handles, but still on the bottle, so they could do it themselves. Not sure how long that went on though.

      Can't remember ages for changing to cups properly, to be honest!

      Sorry, not much use am I?!
      Mum to dd (age 10) and ds (age 8)

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      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      Yes I have bought a couple of those handled spout cups today, but thinking about it, if I put him in charge he'll just piss off and try to climb around the house or shake it to make a fountain like he does when he has a cup like that of water . I'll try, he might surprise me

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      Abnormal Damsel Mrs B

      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      Neither of mine would ever hold their own bottles til probably 18 months old. If he's happy with it then I see no reason to change unless you/he really wants to. I believe the advice to get rid of bottles is down to teeth formation, but of course we all know lots of people who never had a bottle and had buck teeth, and vice-versa. C still has a bottle btw!

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      Dashing Damsel Viking Warrior
      By the Sea, East Sussex

      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      Well, I've "trained" mine to hold their own bottles lying on the floor or in their beds but then I have two and it's difficult to hold two bottles for wriggly babies and even more difficult to make them understand they have to wait while the other one feeds. I bought some bottles from Tesco with handles and more of a spout type teat, but still made of silicone. I also bought the Tommee Tippee bottles that have a hole in the middle, if that makes sense, like a sports bottle that people use for running. Anyway, they've had them since 6 months and have only gotten reliable at holding own bottles the last month or so.

      However, now that they can hold their own bottles, I have no intention of moving them over to cups any time soon . They don't do so well with sippy cups, and would just make a mess. I do, though, take the bottles off them if they mess about with them, and if they want the milk, they calm down and stay put, if they don't want it, well, then they've had enough, I reckon.

      I think the fear of bottles after the age of 1 may be slightly exaggerated, like the fear of dummies, all to do with teeth and speech development, but I know for a fact that both I and my 2 brothers had dummies till at least the age of 3 and none of us ever had tooth or speech problems

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      PissyPantsPosse Petrus

      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      I think that babies/toddlers wean themselves off a bottle of milk, J was around 19-20 months and I think R is just starting too. I realised they were off it when they couldn't drink from it properly, they were/are literally sucking like a straw rather than using the tongue iykwim.
      'You will never find the right one if you can't let go of the wrong one!'

      Little man 1/2/06
      Chunk 11/6/09

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      FAT donna-j
      At the seaside

      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      I never bothered. Simple

      ETA: Thomas had a bottle at night until he was 3 and a dummy at 4 x 100 and never shuts up. His teeth are lovely.

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      Damsel Diva claireh

      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      I don't see the need really either. I half heartedly introduced a moo cup (non spill) for M's afternoon nap but tbh she doesn't drink much from it. She gets fed up and falls asleep.

      At nighttime she still has a bottle but she drinks the milk pretty quickly so I don't worry about it. I am sure there is something about the bacteria in the baby's mouth doing something to the sugars in milk which makes it really acidic so I think the advice is not to have them sucking from a bottle for a long period of time.

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      Damsel Diva Katiekipper
      West Oxfordshire. Hug a Hoodie country!

      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      I took Ross and Eden's bottles away at 12 months except the bedtime bottle, and I either fed them with a soft spout cup on my lap or they had an anyway up cup so they couldn't spill it.
      Mostly I wasn't bothered by milk after one as they ate god knows how much cheese and yoghurt I just didn't see the need for separate milk.
      Mum to Ross 16, Eden 13 and Beanie (real name Finn) 11 and my 3 angel babies, never forgotten xx

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      Damsel Diva Peony
      NE UK

      Re: Getting off the bottle at 1yr, I don't understand

      Ava self weaned from bottles at one. We were already using tommy tippee cups for juice etc. so I just put cows milk in those. I was still having to cradle for bottles so she wasn't properly lying down. Having said that she lies down now with TT cups and they don't often spill.

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