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    Damsel Diva Moffgal
    Here, unless I'm over there

    Party game forfeits?

    Just after a few ideas please. Silverpod and I are doing a birthday party for a 9 yer old girl next weekend. And as the partygoers are a little bit older than those we usually entertain we thought we'd put forfeits in the pass the parcel layers.

    Nothing to complicated or anything, just simple stuff, like hop on one leg around the circle, that kind of thing.

    I need 12 ideas, could do with some inspiration please?


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    Re: Party game forfeits?

    Sing a song of their choice for 10 seconds

    Jump up and down 10 times

    Make an animal noise

    Can't think of anymore !

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    Re: Party game forfeits?

    We did this for DD's party (7 year olds) and other ideas included:

    - pat your head and rub your tummy
    - tell a joke
    - do a loud fake burp (this was DD's idea as her friend does the best burps ever, apparently )

    Miss P

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    Ginger rules

    Re: Party game forfeits?

    Sing a nursery rhyme
    Say your three times table
    Count backwards from ten
    Pretend to be a chicken/frog/elephant
    Do a forward roll
    Say a "peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper" or "red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow lorry...."


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    Re: Party game forfeits?

    Say the alphabet as fast as you can.
    Run round the room backwards.
    Do a leapfrog.

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    Damsel Diva BellaDonna
    East Midlands

    Re: Party game forfeits?

    We did this with our Brownies at the end of last term - some of the most popular ones were things like-
    - run outside and shout "I'm an idiot"
    - sniff everyone's socks and decide which ones are the smelliest
    - dance like your dad

    Very sophisticated!
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    Damsel Diva Moffgal
    Here, unless I'm over there

    Re: Party game forfeits?

    Brilliant ideas guys, thanks!!!!

    I was struggling to get into 9year old humour mode, I'm used to toddler and 5 year old toilet humour!

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