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      Dedicated Damsel

      No 7 Products - any good?

      Looking for a moisturiser, something not too expensive and was wondering what Boots No7 range is like.

      Do any of you use any of their products moisturisers, cleansers, makeup
      and if so how would you rate them?


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      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      I use their protect and perfect serum as well as the serum for anti-aging AND spots (I don't use these both at the same time, just switch between them!). I also use the day cream sometimes. I really rate them, I stopped using the P&P serum for a while and I do think my skin got worse.

      Having said all that, I dont have sensitive skin AT ALL (skin of a rhino ) so I'm not sure how they would be if you did have them. My colleague said the serum brought her up in lots of tiny spots. Maybe you could try them out in Boots a couple of times just to see if you can see any reaction.

      Also, if you buy a certain amount of stuff from Boots (10 worth I think?) you get a 5 voucher for No 7.

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      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      I use NO7 all the time, it really suits my skin. They've actually got buy 2 and get the third one free offer at the moment!

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      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      I use the protect and perfect day cream. i've switched to this from Lancome as its cheaper and better for my skin I think. I've got fairly sensitive skin and its been fine.

      I dont like any of the make up though apart from the cream eye shadow which is as good as Benefit and Bobbi Brown.

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      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      I think the products are expensive for what they are; I haven't been impressed by any of them. The serums all brought my skin out in spots (even the one they used to do for blemish prone skin!).

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      Damsel Diva moonie

      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      I love No 7 stuff. I am allergic to a lot of face products but that (and Soap&Glory) is fab!

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      Dynamic Damsel

      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      I use the protect and perfect moisturisers and the no 7 hot cloth cleanser. I love the moisturisers, and the cleanser is ok... nothing more than ok though. I'm using it as an alternative to Liz Earle cleanse and polish, which I LOVE but is a bit expensive ATM.

      I think the trick is to try it- what works for me doesn't necessarily work for someone else.

      I haven't tried much of the No7 make up range, so I can't comment on that, although there is a new mascara which has rave reviews on their website!

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      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      I have a lot of allergies and No 7 seems to suit my skin really well. Love the protect and perfect stuff

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      TVoR, QoN, etc. redhed

      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      Agree re: being good for allergies - it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the Estee lauder veritee range which is the only other thing I'm not allergic to.

      I don't think much of the makeup, except for the nail varnish which has one or two decent shades and wears well for me.

      There are always vouchers going in Boots for no7 so if you're in there regularly you rarely have to buy anything no7 at full price.
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      Re: No 7 Products - any good?

      I use the tinted moisturiser and like it well enough, also one of the eyeliners (can't recall the name but it's got a foam smudger thing on the end of it).

      D x

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