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      Craft ideas for 8-12 year old girls?

      My Mum is off to Albania as a volunteer to work with deprived children at a summer camp. She has been asked to run craft activities for 8-12 year old girls. I think she is expected to provide materials so the budget is not enormous.

      Any ideas? TIA

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      Re: Craft ideas for 8-12 year old girls?

      What about some simple needlecraft

      make some little bags of felt or material etc and can get material etc cheap in bulk

      jeweleery making -maybe thread type friendship ones with coupld beads at ends as beaded ones could getw bit expensive

      what about papercraft like rubber stamping etc as rubber stamps can be used over and over?

      Wax rubbings of things like leafs coins etc


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      Re: Craft ideas for 8-12 year old girls?

      Yes I think friendship bracelets etc would work well; also maybe simple embroidery like stitch a flower on your clothes? A pattern for knitting a scarf with pompoms on or something like that might go down well
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      Re: Craft ideas for 8-12 year old girls?

      Thanks both of you they are great ideas I will pass them on to my mum.

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