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      in carpet heaven! woohoo! Candlelight

      Fairy tale character dress-up?? ideas?!

      I just got an email from the school saying it's dress up day on Friday in the theme of fairy tale characters

      I have NO ideas

      I have suddenly got facebook updates from people talking about their child's wolf costumes etc

      Captain hook isn't a fairy tale character is he?!
      Oliver, 6 & Lily, 3 July 2008
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      Damsel Diva
      Up a bit, down a bit, to the right

      Re: Fairy tale character dress-up?? ideas?!

      Depends what you count as a 'fairytale'! I'd go with anything you fancy tbh (or whatever you've got ). Laura would go as a princess - ok so it'd be a Disney princess, but so what? Are they going to refuse entry?? If Captain Hook is a costume you can readily find/make up then go for it. Peter Pan is a classic story, no idea if it counts as a 'fairytale' but hey, it's got Tinkerbell in it so has fairies in there
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      Mole-loving Damsel sersha

      Re: Fairy tale character dress-up?? ideas?!

      Dick Whittington and/or a cat?
      The Gingerbread Man?
      Aladdin if you have any prince type stuff (think he has a sword?)
      Jack and the Beanstalk
      Puss in Boots?

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      Invisable Chell

      Re: Fairy tale character dress-up?? ideas?!

      A prince
      Woodcutter from Little Red riding hood
      Bear from Goldilocks
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