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      How long does it take to recover from stomach bug?

      Sorry, another poo thread from me. Jack had really bad sickness and diarrhoea last Thursday, the sickness only lasted that day but his nappies were really runny on Friday too (he was pooing every time he broke wind and his bum was red raw). His nappies are still quite loose and he hasn't much of an appetite though he is eating and drinking. Is it normal for the bug to last this long? DH and I both caught it off him but it only lasted 12hours or so in both of us. I can understand it taking longer for a child to recover but having really vile nappies for 5 days is a bit apart from any health issues it may cause for him!

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      Re: How long does it take to recover from stomach bug?

      We've had very similar with L. He had a D&V bug 2 weeks ago (which he kindly shared) and his nappies were horrible for nearly a week. He's still got a really bloated tummy although his nappies are back to normal. I saw the doc about it and they said not to worry, get some probiotic yoghurt down him and don't worry if it takes a couple of weeks to go down. Apparently it's common for them to develop a temporary lactose intolerance due to the bacteria being stripped out of their gut hence the horrible poo and bloating.

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      Re: How long does it take to recover from stomach bug?

      Thanks - will try the yoghurt and see how it goes. He's not allowed back in nursery til it's back to normal so hopefully it doesn't take too much longer.

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