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      Washing machine stuck in mid cycle

      How do you drain a washing machine that's stuck in mid-cycle? It has all Maisie's clothes in it, and her elephant.

      It just stopped in the middle of it's cycle. The door obviously won't open and it's full of water.

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      Re: Washing machine stuck in mid cycle

      have you tried moving the dial round to spin or end??

      sometimes mine does this

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      Re: Washing machine stuck in mid cycle

      I was going to suggest moving the dial round, or try switiching it off by the plug and back on again and see if it starts up again or hit start!!

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      Re: Washing machine stuck in mid cycle

      Is the light still on? If not, the fuse may have gone.

      Otherwise move the dial round a bit and see what happens.
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      Re: Washing machine stuck in mid cycle

      Have you accidentally knocked 'rinse hold'?.

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