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      Help me brighten up my dull hallway/stairs/landing

      My hallway/stairs/landing are so plain and dull, and frankly depress me every time I have to look at them! The walls are Natural Calico, white woodwork and doors, oakey laminate floor downstairs and a dark beige carpet on stairs and upstairs.

      I'd love to add some interest, but don't know how!! Maybe pictures going up the stairs, but that seems a bit scary to a design-phobe like me Or just some colour!

      Would anyone mind sharing some ideas or pictures? Thank you

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      Invisable Chell

      Re: Help me brighten up my dull hallway/stairs/landing

      Sorry, no idea, mine is drab too but thought I'd bump your thread.
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      Damsel Diva Peony
      NE UK

      Re: Help me brighten up my dull hallway/stairs/landing

      Add any colour you like with the neutral base you have.

      What's the rest of your house like as the hallway should tie all the rooms together?

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      Indecisive Damsel
      by the river

      Re: Help me brighten up my dull hallway/stairs/landing

      runner for the hallway could add colour, as could a plant or two? other than that, I'm not too good at this sort of thing either

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      Proud to be a Dave! nickimacrae
      Highlands of Scotland

      Re: Help me brighten up my dull hallway/stairs/landing

      Would you a post a photo? And you Chell!

      It hard to know how to add interest as you really need to know where you want to draw the eye to. Sometimes the obvious is to, say, shove a painting up the side of the staircase but then thats not always where you want the eye to go when you walk into a hall, usually you want it dawn down a corridor or into a room to maximise the space or draw guests to where they are going (well I'm presuming you dont invite folk in and direct them straight to the bedroom ).

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      Re: Help me brighten up my dull hallway/stairs/landing

      What kind of space do you have for accessories?

      I'd probably do a hall table, with a mirror behind it and a coloured lamp, coloured bowl for keys and coloured candle or vase of flowers on it (lamp at one end, vase of flowers at the other for balance).

      I would do the pictures up the starirs, maybe toning colours with the stuff you've got on the table - like small square canvases with flowers on or something.

      If you've got space for a large treeish plant or a floor lamp, that might make it more interesting too.

      If you want permanent colour, you could paint one wall as a feature, though it might be hard to choose on a hall/stairs/landing. You could paint the bannister rail. You could do a strip of colour about a meter wide down the middle of each wall like a really wide border or dado rail, although it could be tricky to get the parrallell angles when going up the stairs.

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      On our way 2 the USA suemarie
      Derbyshire/ Nottinghamshire border

      Re: Help me brighten up my dull hallway/stairs/landing

      We havent finished ours yet but we are having a feature wall on our staircase on the right hand side wall & we have had paint mixed to the grey/beige shade of the wallpaper for the rest of the walls. All of our woodwork is white ATM but soon it'll be a more beige colour to match the walls.
      We have a dark brown carpet on the stairs/landing & an oak laminate floor entrance hall downstairs.

      this is the paper its called lotty grey/silver, it is more beigy coloured than grey...eta the pattern is actually silver

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      Doesn't give a *!* Damsel DillyDally
      Everywhere and nowhere

      Re: Help me brighten up my dull hallway/stairs/landing

      I would do it with accessories, too. If you are a bit afraid of colour, then choosing a dark coloured wood, maybe, would help - a framed mirror, a little console table with a plant on it, maybe some pictures. You could also hang a curtain across the front door - and choose an interesting fabric?

      It does depend on how much space you have for all that, though. We have a big hall, but it has 7 doors (if you include the front door and two cupboards) opening off it, and a floor to ceiling window, so not a lot of space for little tables and things. I am going to go for (not decorated it yet!) a large plant, and a mirror.
      Dilly xx

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