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      Fash Pack Clique shinyaholic
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      What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      Following on from the Christmas dinner thread, what do you eat on Boxing Day?

      Our family always have cold turkey, salad, baked beans, baked potatoes, bubble and squeak and whatever other leftovers there are from Christmas lunch.

      This year I'm also doing a ham, I was going to do Ham in Cola but having seen the Nigella recipe for Ginger Ham I think I'm going to make that instead. For pudding we will have leftovers of all the various puddings we're having in the run up to Christmas (pecan pie, chocolate spiced cake, Christmas pudding, mince pies and homemade ice creams) and a fruit salad.

      I've not had Christmas with my family for a three years and I've really missed my Boxing Day lunch, in fact I'm looking forward to it more than Christmas dinner!

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      Bitsy Von Muffling Chocolate Lips
      Round the twist

      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?


      But my parents are coming around on Boxing Day for tea so will be doing sandwiches, perhaps a ham, nibbly bits, salad.

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      Snorks 6, Mr Baby 3! parkejm

      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      We're having a ham for lunch with a ploughman's type affair and in the evening a chicken pie, mash and veg as DH's grandad is joining us and only eats very plain/tradional foods
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      xx Snorks xx
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      Back to nappies! lazymummy

      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      Anything not nailed down! And chocolate.

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      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      Birthday Cake!!

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      Damsel Diva santafi
      Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      We go to my mums on Boxing day and have a full buffet with leftover turkey, cold meats, sausage rolls, sandwiches, chicken legs, salad etc.
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      Damsel Diva

      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      Were at MIL's on boxing daty and they always do homemade chips

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      Abnormal Damsel Mrs B

      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      Normally cold meat with jacket potatoes and pickles etc, but this year we're having lasagne as MIL is here and it's traditional in southern Italy. Even better, she's making a tiramisu!

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      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations, Thorntons, Benedicts Mint Selection

      We ususally eat leftovers but we're having Xmas Dinner and MIL and FIL's this year so we'll have to do something different, haven't decided what yet, unless we go back there Boxing Day and eat their leftovers

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      Got Wine? Puddser

      Re: What do you eat on Boxing Day?

      We have another Christmas dinner Just me, DH and his DS

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