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Returning a damaged item - what's the form?

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  • Returning a damaged item - what's the form?

    I sold my coffee machine on ebay last week and decided to courier it up to Scotland to the buyer. Carefully wrapped it, covered it in fragile tape etc and the ruddy courier obviously dropped it as the brushed steel casing on it is completely dented, so much so that it doesn't sit straight on a worktop anymore!

    I'm really cross as I opted to pay a bit more to keep it safe etc!

    Hennyway, I've put a claim in with TNT and am keeping my fingers crossed that it comes good. I've fully refunded the buyer and (once the claim is processed) he wants to send it back to me, so do I need to cover his postage back to me? or does he do that?

    And if you've received a damaged item and it's been dealt with/you've been refunded what sort of feedback have you left for the seller. I'm trying to sort everything out asap/even been on the phone to him and I've apologised for the inconvenience etc but I'm worried this will affect my 100% +ve feedback.

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    Re: Returning a damaged item - what's the form?

    I have sold stuff that has been damaged in the post and Ive asked the person to take photos of the good and the wrapping. They must keep the packaging as this can often be needed in the dispute case that follows with the courier. When its been sorted we have had and left positive feedback for people who have been helpful in resolving the issues.


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      Re: Returning a damaged item - what's the form?

      I'd think he needs to keep it, and the wrapping until you get your compensation from TNT. Then I wouldn't bother with a return, he can keep it or bin it, as you both have your money back, so what's the point of forking out more to get it posted back?

      If the issue is resolved I'll leave positive, with a comment that x issue came up and was resolved very quickly. As a buyer/seller I like to see that issues are resolved, it tells you much more than a whole load of "A+".


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        Thanks for the replies.

        I've decided that I would like it back as there is definitely money to be had in selling it for spares. And if nothing else it keeps it out of the landfill.


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