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Did you know you can sell things on ebay & automatically donate a % to charity.

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  • Did you know you can sell things on ebay & automatically donate a % to charity.

    I didn't realise this until a few weeks ago & used to do a lot on ebay

    If there's a charity you support you need to make sure they are registered with ebay (if they aren't it's worth suggesting they register through 'missionfish').
    Then all you do is set up an auction as usual, using the Advance sell' option and select your charity from the drop down menu. You can also choose what % of the sales value is donated to the charity. Ebay does the rest. When your auction goes live it's identified as a charity auction and clearly shows what % will go to what charity. After the auction Ebay sorts out the payment so that the donated % goes to the charity (you even get that % of your listing fee back I believe).

    I'm planning to have a clear out & will be putting lots of bits & pieces up on ebay to get them out of my way and to raise funds for Camille's Appeal next week. I also wrote a little 'how to' on the CA website:

    I thought I'd mention it incase anyone else is having a declutter & planned to ebay off their unwanted things. Obviously it would be great if anyone else decides to join me & sell to help Camille's Appeal, but is an easy way to support any charity registered with ebay. It's given me a good excuse to have a bloomin' good sort out!

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    Yes, I've sold items before and donated either a percentage or all to Camille's Appeal. I boobed the first time and donated the money myself then eBay donated it too.


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