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Burnt out or something else?

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  • Burnt out or something else?

    My two children have been almost constantly ill since November. There have been lots of broken nights sleep.

    We have had a bit of work done to the house recarpeting (took four days) and redecorating (3 weeks). There was a lot of upheaval during which my 3 year old was really poorly with an ear infection and UTI.

    My husband works long hours so can't really help out Monday to Friday but is great at the weekend and does more than his fair share.

    Last week I got a bug, nothing major just sore ears and a cough. I'm totally floored. I'm very tearful and incredibly angry with the children.

    I guess I feel like a bit of a shell of a human being.

    Is this just motherhood? Is it possible to burn yourself out as a SAHM? It seems ridiculous even typing it.

    Ive got brilliant friends and we all help each other out. My Dh ordered me to have long lies yesterday and today. I still feel worn out and pretty pissed off.

    Anyone else? Is this normal?

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    I think it is normal it is so full on with small children and no respite. Can you take any time back at all to have a bit more r&r?

    I find it comes in waves, sometime I feel a shell with nothing left to give, and sometimes I feel on top of it all and raring to go.

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      Re: Burnt out or something else?

      Thanks Rosa. I'm normally v upbeat and just get on with things but it just seems impossible to recharge.

      Ive suggested to my oh that we book a long weekend back home to Scotland.


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        Re: Burnt out or something else?

        I think a weekend away would do you the world of good. I think it helps massively just having someone make dinner once in a while so you can just sit down and relax! Or play with the kids without feeling guilty that you should be cooking/cleaning etc.

        I am feeling the same the same way, in fact I posted about it a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I am constantly shattered and no amount of sleep seems to help. DD2 wakes up at least twice every night though so I never get that much sleep. OH is a great help but he is so stressed with work just now that I can't tell him how bad I am feeling. I said to OH the other day that I feel like my spark is gone.


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          Re: Burnt out or something else?

          Hey. Don't beat yourself up. Loads of people I know who don't have very young children are also getting run down at the moment. Everyone seems to be catching colds, bugs and whatever. And it seems ages before they feel back to normal. Feeling like cr@p and still have to run around littlies is bound to take it out of you

          Decorating etc is extremely tiring and add to that the frustration that incurs.

          You need to take time out and let DH look after the wee ones; that way they will get a full and fit mummy back. Being a SAHM is not easy, so why shouldn't you feel tired out like every other mum?


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            I had something similar towards the end of last year, a chest infection I couldn't shift and I just felt so tired an drained and like crap really for about two and a half months. Went to the GP and had blood tests but all came back fine.

            I think a lot of it was due to not getting enough sleep. My youngest was waking up a lot at night and I just wasn't getting the rest.

            So yes, I'd take a trip home and let your family help with the children and you rest, rest, rest. x


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              Re: Burnt out or something else?

              Sorry to hear that you are feeling so drained. If some rest doesn't help then maybe pop to the gps in a week or just to get checked out. Does sound like you've had/got a lot on your plate though and broken nights are just a nightmare.

              i finding it hard to keep my patience with my two and am really teary too - am basically on my own mon - fri too and it is hard so can sypathise

              Planning a weekend away sounds like a good plan and try to build a few moments in the day just to chill if you can. Even if it's just 15 mins or so.


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                Re: Burnt out or something else?

                Thanks for your replies. It helps to know that others feel similar. Not that I'd want others to fell bad but hopefully ykwim!

                Last night I couldn't get to sleep. I was still awake when O woke at 1am. He was awake for over an hour. Ten minutes after he went to sleep his sister woke up crying which to be fair is not a normal occurrence for her. Not a lot of sleep was had in this house last night!


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