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♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

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  • ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

    Hi everyone,

    Well I had one of the most complicated pregnancies going! If you could get it, I got it. I had a very rough time, and I thought that Cupcakes pregnancy was rough (I was so wrong).

    I was crippled with SPD from 12 weeks, in hospital with gastroenteritis at 14 weeks. My waters broke at 18 weeks, I spent 4 days in hospital horizontal, which luckily worked. I was on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy and I had to take magnesium tablets to stop my contractions which I had every day since my waters went.! At 20 weeks I was diagnosed to polyhydramios (too much amniotic fluid).

    I had a glucose tolerance test at 24 weeks, due to suspected gestational diabetes, luckily it was fine - I could eat choccy and not worry . I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiancy at 24 weeks too, and given a very high dose to take every week. At about 26 weeks I was diagnosed with anemia and put on iron tablets (not uncommon in pregnancy I know).

    At 35 weeks I was diagnosed with Obstetric cholestasis (a liver problem that makes you itch like crazy). And put on acid tablets for that. At 38 weeks, I was tested for pre-eclampsia due to some groovy flashing lights in front of my eyes. And the results were negative thank goodness!

    The level of care here in Germany was very high, and different to what I experianced in England. I saw a doctor for my whole pregnancy (usually once every 2 weeks). I had OVER 30 blood tests (ouchies plus im scared of needles). I had approx 30 ultrasounds, I have nearly 80 pictures and easily 20 or more CTG's.

    Here in Germany I found out that they don't like to induce women unless a: it's life threatening, or b: your baby weights over 4kg/8lbs 13oz.

    I BEGGED my doctor on Monday 26th March to induce me due to all of my problems, and luckily she agreed. I think they could finally see that I could not go on any longer. I was told to come into hospital on the 27th to have some last minute checks and tests/ultrasound and they would start induction.

    When we arrived at the hospital and I was 38+3 I had a CTG, and then I had some blood tests, and an ultrasound, they also did an internal to check and see if I was already dilated and I was a good 2-3cm already which was positive news! I was then taken to the gyno ward and given a cocktail to drink... it has a fancy german name but it made no difference as it was vile, I later found out it was oil and apple juice(!) good old fashioned old wives tale about giving yourself a bad tummy to make the contractions start!

    So after drinking my cocktail at 11am, at about 2pm I had a bloody show (which I dont think was linked to the cocktail personally). And i started having good strong contractions. Fast forward to 5pm after lots of bouncing on a birthing ball and another CTG later, everything decided to slow down and stop, I was gutted!

    I asked to go home for the night as I really didnt want to stay in hospital for the night for no reason. And they let me go home on the basis I was back for 8am.

    So Wednesday 28th March morning 8am we were back in hospital. I was told I would have a gel to soften my cervix and see how we go. Well finally at 9.30am I was taken into a birthing room and put on the CTG. Well after an hour and a half , they decided that I would have oxytocin instead. So at 11.15am I had an IV drip put in and was given the oxytocin. This started my contractions straight away, they were quite strong (I think my body was super ready to give birth). My contractions got stronger and more painful quite quickly. At 12.50pm I was given an internal and told I was 4-5cm and then my waters were broken for me (which was a shame, and I was given no warning - the midwife didnt speak english). I really would have liked to have see if this baby was born in his waters like Cupcake was.

    Well cue niagra falls due to my polyhydramnios, the water just kept on coming and were still coming out when William arrived!

    My contractions got stronger and I asked for some pain relief at about 1.30pm, I had an injection of something (not sure what), it made me feel super dizzy but had NO EFFECT on the pain. Cue lots of grunting and moaning out LOUD and I mean loud

    There was a midwife shift change at 2.30pm. So at about 2.10pm two new midwives came in and were told about my status! luckily both of these midwives were quite young and they both spoke some English which was great. I asked for some more pain relief as the first lot didnt work, so they did an internal to check to see if there was time, as they said it sound like I would want to push soon. They said I was only 6cm so there was time...

    INFAMOUS last words well they just finished injecting me with something else and i shouted I wanted to push, im not sure they believed me, but then they realised I wasnt lying . Two mahoosive pushes/contractions later at 2.24pm german time William-Patrick came into the world (and just like Cupcake I went from 6/7cm to baby out in less than 10mins how funny!!)

    I had a tear that opened up the tear that Cupcake did (ouchies). And I have some stitches and I hope this is a damsels first and last, I tore sideways and have stitches in my bumcheek too (so painful).

    William-Patrick weighed 7lbs 14oz was 52cm long head circumfrence 36cm. My labour was 3 hours and 9mins long he was 10 days early.

    After I was stitched up, we were wheeled into another room to relax and rest before being taken to the baby ward. I blagged my way to go home the next day (I dont do hospitals). In Germany they like you to stay for at least 3 days. I would have gone home after 3 hours if I had my way

    This birth was very positive I think, and boy was it painful, I gave birth au-naturale due to the pain relief not working, so I am quite proud of myself

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    Re: ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

    Well done - lovely birth story! (Wincing at your stitches though )

    Enjoy your little one and lots of positive healing vibes coming your way xx


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      Re: ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

      what a complicated pregnancy Glad the birth was ok, although the torn bum cheek sounds painful!


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        Re: ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

        Wowzers, what a story! I ADORE his name, that's what we would have called dd if she's been a he (except dh wanted to tag something a bit crazy on the end )



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          Glad everything went okay, many congratulations x


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            Re: ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

            Congratulations Gina, glad to hear how well things worked out after your troubles this pregnancy. Make sure you have some lavender baths for the tears and enjoy your son!



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              Re: ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

              Congratulations! I hope you heal up quickly.


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                Re: ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

                Many congratulations Gina, what a mill youve been throughgo this pregnancy. Thank goodness it's all over and cuddle time now. I love the name btw


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                  Re: ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥

                  How amazing I bet you are very proud!! Well done x


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                    Re: ♥ William-Patrick's birth story ♥


                    Many congratulations to you all (and hope all heals up very quickly for you!)


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