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    Over the years at school, DD has been completely useless for losing stuff. At one point it was a cardigan or jumper a week, all labelled but never to be seen again.

    On Wednesday, I dropped her off at school with her coat. Picked her up at 3, no coat. Apparently the class next door tidied up the cloakroom and now, gone forever!

    I wouldn't mind so much but if it was an old one but I only bought it recently and it's half decent. I can't afford to replace it right now and maybe I'm wrong but I'm so pissed off with her and the school. She said her teacher helped her look today but they couldn't find it and said she'd just have to go home without it.

    Not a thing I can do about it I suppose but I just wanted to moan!

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    Re: Lost Property

    I feel your pain! One coat went to school this morning, this evening - gone! Bella say she left it in the hall at lunchtime, but by the time we picked her up, it wasn't in the hall, her classroom or the lost property bag!
    Fingers crossed it's just that someone else has taken it home by mistake, and that they do the right thing...


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      Re: Lost Property

      We got ours back! It was hanging on a peg in a cloakroom in a completely different part of the school.

      They had a chill out session after Lunch in an adjoining classroom and DD swore she had turned the room upside down. Maybe she had, just not the cloakroom

      Any luck BellaDonna?


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