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  • Hand, foot & mouth

    Hi girls

    I've been a bit of a lurker recently and not posted a lot life has got busy. Hope everyone is ok.

    I have a question about Hand foot & mouth. I think DS2 has it (2 years 3 months) He's been complaining of a sore mouth and has a sore on the inside of his cheek, a rash around his mouth, a bit of a temp and is dribbling a lot. Could if be this? Or something else?

    Or am I possibly over reacting and he is teething

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    I think it is more blisters, but could be wrong. R's school emailed out a factsheet about it not to long ago, I will see if I can dig it pit for you. Or is usually pretty good on symptoms.

    Hope little L is ok.


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      Sounds like the start of it to me. Keep an eye out for any blisters on the palm of hands, soles of feet, between fingers and in the groin.

      Both mine have had it, Sophia really badly and then I caught it which was horrific.

      They both had the skin blisters, mouth ulcers, rash round the mouth, drooling and mouth hanging open (due to blisters), temperature. They go off their food but ice cream still went down ok as it soothes the mouth.

      Hope he's better soon x


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        I've just had a look on the link one sock, i think it might be

        Thanks elvisola. I'll keep an eye out for that.

        The rash around his mouth is a bit more angry looking than on this photo, but I suppose you get the idea. And the sore in his mouth is like they say how it starts a small red sore.


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          I've just googled and I'm not sure that rash looks like it, the ones on the photos look a lot more angry than his and more spotty.

          Bet it's just teething


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