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How do you clean your Karndean floor?

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  • How do you clean your Karndean floor?

    I know they do a special dedicated cleaning kit, but I'm assuming that there are other ways of doing it?

    I'm very precious about it at the moment (this may change over time!) and want to keep it looking immaculate. I have a couple of bottles of laminate floor cleaner that I got when we did the two boys' bedrooms, but Karndean isn't laminate, so I don't know if that would be ok to use. Neither is it wooden flooring, so don't want to use a wood floor cleaner.

    I saw this advertised and thought it looked quite good, but not sure what to put into the bucket/bowl to clean the floor.

    Also, we have a long haired dog, so I want something to collect dust, fluff and dog hairs. We have a Miele cat and dog vacuum, but I'm thinking that might be a bit much for my lovely Karndean, and am only using it on carpets at the moment.

    I was going to get one of these
    but reading the reviews, I'm not sure it's up to the job of tackling dog hairs.

    Any ideas or suggestions please?

    We are coming tantalisingly close to completing the lounge/diner - I can almost taste it
    May even dig deep and find the courage to post some pictures after having had some great advice here:!!!-%28Excruciatingly-long-sorry%29

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    Re: How do you clean your Karndean floor?

    Umm ours ha been down for 9 years now and seems to be pretty much indestructable.

    We hoover it with our dyson - usually with the beater bar off (I think)
    to wash it we use a vileda mop with water and disinfectant (Mr Sains own I think) and it always comes up like new.

    We have also had parts of it up to sort the floor out underneath and where we knocked a wall through and DH has replaced the tiles himself and it still looks fine.


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      Re: How do you clean your Karndean floor?

      Mine has been down for 3 years and I hoover it and once a week my cleaner mops it with a bog standard mop and floor cleaner. I once did the Karndean cleaning system which stripped the varnish off and then you had to re-apply it and it was a total faff! My suggestion is hoover and mop


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        Re: How do you clean your Karndean floor?

        I usually sweep it and then use a diluted flash floor cleaner in a spritz bottle and mop it so it's not too wet. Does the job :) I love our Karndean!


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          Re: How do you clean your Karndean floor?

          Excellent! Thank you :)

          Will sweep, vac and mop happily now!


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