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Scarlet fever recovery in a child

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  • Scarlet fever recovery in a child

    Three weeks ago dd2 had a throat infection, probably scarlet fever (no swabs but treated as scarlet fever and she had all the symptoms), so she had 10 days of antibiotics which she finished last Thursday.
    The first 72hours she was properly ill but was much more ok within a week. But she hasn't improved since then. She's getting tired easily, complains of a sore throat and ear occasionally and her temp spikes occasionally. Generally though it's non-specific worn-out-ness. Some days she's better than others but she's not right.
    Is this to be expected?

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    Re: Scarlet fever recovery in a child

    I had scarlet fever when I was a 12/13 and it took around 6 weeks for me to recover....I remember it really well cos I started to feel pretty ill when I was in school (physics class) and walked home and literally got through the door and collapsed and was found in a heap on the floor by my stepfather a couple of hours later. It was a horrible thing, and I really hope your DD2 is feeling better soon.

    I think the problem with it is that you can get a secondary virus, I ended up having glandular fever around 6 months after I had recovered and then ME after that - I was literally in on and off for 10 years and and felt exactly as you have described your daughter as.


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      Re: Scarlet fever recovery in a child

      Lucy had similar symptoms & the Dr thought it might be rubella, so she's on a 7 day course of Antibiotics...even though she had both her MMR's

      ETA: did she have a sore neck too? Lucy's left lymph node became swollen & her neck started tilting to the left.


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        Re: Scarlet fever recovery in a child

        Thanks VC, I was thinking it might take a while to get over; if you google you end up with scary stuff like heart valve problems so i have been avoiding that.
        Sue; Rubella's viral, so not sure why they've given antibiotics? She had the strawberry tongue bit of scarlet fever which was why they went with that (I think); her glands were like ping pong balls.
        She seems a bit brighter today than yesterday, but it seems to come & go now.


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          Re: Scarlet fever recovery in a child

          My glands in my neck were really swollen as well - even now if I am starting to get a cold or anything they swell up pretty big, but it is nothing serious or anything.

          C-b - have you got any echinacea that you could start giving her, I really believe in this and believe that it would help boost her immune system.


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