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A couple of running questions

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  • A couple of running questions

    I know we already have a running thread on here but just wanted to ask a couple of questions. I took part in the reading half marathon a couple of weeks ago as part of a relay challenge through work. We each ran just over 3 miles each and now this has inspired me to try a 10k next.

    I want to start training for one and wondered if anyone coulr recommend any good apps I could use. When I first started my running at the end of last year I followed a couch to 5k app for my ipod which I found good. Are the 10k ones just as good?

    I went out for a run this morning. I did 3.8 miles and am now finding that I'm getting blisters on my feet. I have just bought myself a new pair of running trainers (didn't wear them today) so hoping this might help. Is there anything else I can do to stop this from happening?


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    Re: A couple of running questions

    I've never used an ap so can't comment but there are some good plans on Running World. I just gradually built up my time for continuous running mixing in some shorter but quicker runs. I'm doing a 10k on May 7th so at the moment try and do a 4-5 mile run once a week plus one or two 3 mile runs...

    Blisters - running socks might help as might the new trainers. I found I have to go up half a size (on the advice of the specialist running shop) and it's made a big difference I think.

    Join us on the running thread too


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      Re: A couple of running questions

      if you don't have a running app, just increasing your distance by a set amount each week works well - i do 1-2k a week increase (sorry not what sure that is in miles!) try and do an interval session (google it if you're not sure, there are loads of different ways to do intervals) and a shorter, faster run session as well as your longer session if you can manage 3 sessions. That should get you up to 10k easily.

      Blisters - sometimes its just a case of trying a few different types of trainers until you find one you like - not cheap though!

      I run in men's trainers as i find women's too narrow once my feet start to get warm. Sometimes the blisters are just something you have to put up with until your feet toughen up, but you can use a lubricant on your feet (or anywhere on the body - bra line, arms, legs) to stop chafing and blisters - i use bodyglide, but a cheap barrier cream from the chemist is just as effective. Personally, i don't think socks make that much difference one way or another as long as your shoes are big enough/have enough room for when your feet start to swell, and you can stop the friction with lubricant.

      good luck! let us know how you get on!



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