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  • Tulia Sex Tape

    Hi Ladies,

    Sorry to bother you again, but I'm hoping somebody can help me on this one as well!

    Everybody seems to know someone or of someone who this has happened to! But being a personal subject I'm struggling to find people who owuld like to talk about and get their side out there!

    Platform Productions is an award winning television production company. We're looking into making a documentary about the current trend of people posting intimate videos of their partner on the internet. Often, as in the recent case of the Tulisa video, it is done without permission, and our research has shown that there are video sites set up purely for the purpose of sharing these videos.

    Has an ex ever posted a video of you on the internet?

    I'm keen to talk to anybody to help me with my research. Please feel free to contact me in complete confidence at

    Thanks ladies!


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    Re: Tulia Sex Tape

    You're kidding me, right?

    Have you ever heard of asking permission/being polite before you post messages like these on forums?


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      Re: Tulia Sex Tape

      Hey Damsella,

      I'm sorry if I caused any offence!

      I've sent a couple of e-mails to the contact address in the last few weeks but I'd had no reply!

      If you would rather of course I'll take them down!



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        Re: Tulia Sex Tape

        I've not had any emails. Still, you sound contrite so I will let your posts remain.


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          Re: Tulia Sex Tape

          Really appreciate it, thanks!


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