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  • Wedding inspiration

    I'm not sure I've ever posted in fashion before but I need some help!

    I've got two weddings to go to this year. My uncle's at the end of June and an old friend of Mr Goblin's in July and I have no idea what to wear to either of them. I could probably get away with just one outfit between them but I also have my Granny's 80th next month and feel like treating myself to an outfit for that so I'm looking at buying something for 2 or 3 occassions.

    I am hopeless at fashion, absolutely useless. I'm about 5ft3, about a size 8-10. I have no "top" to speak of but a podgy tummy, which I'm hoping to tone down a little as it sticks out disproportionately. I have long non-descript brown hair, which currently has no shape but am having a cut soon so this can change!

    Basically, I'd really appreciate any inspiration or ideas at all, thankyou very much.

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    Re: Wedding inspiration

    Phase 8 do some gorgeous dresses that would be lovely for weddings

    This is stunning imo

    Or this


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      Re: Wedding inspiration

      Or Monsoon do some lovely dresses too and I "think" do a personal shopper service


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        Re: Wedding inspiration

        I would second Monsoon and Phase 8 and Coast do some lovely dresses.
        I love this

        What colours do you like and would youy prefer long or short ?


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          I *heart* Monsoon for dresses They've got loads of lovely styles that would work well with a petite figure.


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            Re: Wedding inspiration

            I'm not going to make any fashion suggestions, but I would just like to say that your description of yourself doesn't do you justice. You are very slim and gorgeous, and I would definitely NOT say that your stomach sticks out disproportionately. While there's never any harm in deciding to tone up a bit, I'm fairly certain that no one who knows you irl would think your tummy sticks out.

            You have lovely long hair, in good condition, which you could style in loads of different ways, too, and because of its length, you are spoilt for choice when you get it cut. (I realise this might not be a good thing, because it makes the decision more difficult. )

            Have fun finding some outfits. We should have planed a shopping trip while you were in this area. Are you still at your dad's, or are you home now?

            ETA I'm going to Street this afternoon, or tomorrow, I'll let you know if I see anything that I think you might like, or if you're around, join me.


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              Re: Wedding inspiration

              Thank you. Sorry it's taken a while to get back to this but I haven't been online that much while we were away. I did, however, spend a while looking at the lovely dresses on the monsoon, coast and phase eight websites and am more determined than ever to actually go and try some things on (which I'm not very good at!) so that I can at least see what styles and colours I feel comfortable in. Then I can ask for some more advice about what actually looks ok, sorry to have to ask again but I am clueless.

              And, thank you Coolfm for that litte confidence boost - I wasn't expecting that at all but it did make me smile. I wish I had gone to Street with you as we were still in the area. In fact we only got home late last night and Saturday we spent at a farm park, which luckily had an indoor play area as the weather wasn't great and we didn't really do anything at all yesterday.
              Hope you had a good time, did you get yourself anything nice?


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