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What to wear on a long haul flight?

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  • What to wear on a long haul flight?

    I'm sure we must have this thread every year

    So as I can't bring myself to wear anything velour or tracksuit orientated I need some ideas.

    Yes I want to be warm and comfy, but I want to look half decent as well.

    My jeans aren't comfortable enough for that long and I have binned all my combats, I think I read somewhere that layering was the key

    So any ideas

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    Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?


    Don't forget the sexy flight socks too ;)


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      Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

      I am wearing black cotton slim bootcut trousers (with some stretch), a t-shirt and a cardigan. I am never cold on aeroplanes I always feel they are really stuffy, but not cold. But that's me, you might feel the cold! I normally take yoga trousers to change into once I am on the plane, as they are really comfy, and change back into my other clothes before we land.


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        Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

        yes i always feel cold on planes. i tend to wear cargo pants (without belt) & l/s t shirt with fleece (without hood as it gets all scrunched up and uncomfortable) and that's fine. Def take shoes off and have fluffy socks. I wish i could travel stylishly but for 18 hours on a plane i don't see how you'd do it! i wouldn't be organised enough to take a change of clothes, let alone change them - its all i can do to keep my toothbrush somewhere where i can find it!

        are you going anywhere exciting?



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          Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

          Layers, lots of layers. It also depends how long haul as by the second leg of my trip to NZ I couldn`t give a dam what I looked like and dressed purely for comfort. I went to the airport in black lightweight jeans turn up to 3/4, LS black & white stripe T, pewter supertone trainers, black pirate cardi and hair down, then just before boarding changed into black velour joggers, hello kitty socks, soft bra, baggy marl grey hoodie, tied hair back and took makeup off. Then changed back again after customs & boarder control.

          If its only a one sector hop I would do soft linen trousers, LS T and a light knit, flipflops with socks in my carry on and a pashmina incase its cold or to use as a pillow.


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            Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

            When I flew a few weeks ago I wore:
            - black jersey maxi skirt
            - cotton halterneck top (nice and slouchy)
            - lightweight cotton cardigan
            - ballet pumps (with flip flops in my hand luggage)
            - large pashmina in case I got chilly


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              Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

              Layers! I tend to wear a lot of jersey and cashmere - last time I flew long haul I wore a black tee shirt dress with a belt (which I took off on the plane), black opaques, biker boots (it was winter and I was flying to Canada), a themal vest under the dress, a cashmere cardie and a big snuggly scarf. I had a pair of thin soft ballet-style black slippers as well so I could take my boots off.


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                Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

                I am wearing my high waist indigo skinnies (they are more like jeggings and are v comfy) with a black slouchy tee, black hush cardie and leopard print LV scarf (that could double as a blanket!) I will be shamefully wearing my Uggs and always put flipflops in outer pocket of suitcase to change in to when we land!


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                  Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

                  I haven't done long haul for ages but I always go down the layering route with lots of natural fibres so your body can breathe. I'd go:

                  * leggings
                  * oversized tee or vest
                  * cotton or wool slouchy cardi
                  * flat comfy shoes (with flipflops in hand luggage if I'm landing somewhere hot)
                  * big pash as I get chilly on planes
                  * sunnies
                  * big handbag to chuck everything in


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                    Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

                    boyfriend jeans that are baggy or combats with a vest under a light slouchy t-shirt - both ways with flip flops and pashmina in hand luggage

                    oh and a baggy hoody incase the plane is super cold or if we are flying/arriving early morning


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                      I used to do longhaul a lot when my parents were abroad. I always wore a maxi dress as I swell up loads and liked wearing something that didn't have a waistband.

                      Also, I find a pashmina is mandatory. Can be used as blanket, pillow etc. Cosy but light.


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                        Or chuck yoga pants in your hand luggage and change.

                        Thick comfy socks. I always take my shoes off as soon as I get on and put cosy socks on.


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                          Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

                          When I went to HOng Kong I wore black ankle length trousers, flat black pumps (no socks, this was November), a merino twinset so I could layer on and off) and that was just perfect.

                          I'm planning on wearing the identical outfit again going to NZ.


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                            Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

                            Yaaaay loads of great ideas - thank you

                            So at the moment I am thinking.....

                            Thin Vest
                            Long line striped T shirt
                            Thin Cardigan
                            Pashmina and/or my moody LV leopard print scarf (its huge!)

                            Just not really sure on what shoes, could wear my biker boots I suppose as they are massively comfy for the airport hanging around bit.

                            I'll change into yoga pants once on the flight and then change back again before landing.

                            Flipflops & sunnies in bag as we land in Singapore so I am hoping for some heat.

                            Yes to the sexy flight socks LittleRose, as I have a fear of DVT so will be wearing those and taking an aspirin and loads of water

                            We're going straight to the Shangri-La hotel which is quite posh so I don't want to look too bedraggled on arrival!
                            Bisy backson - We're emigrating to Oz

                            (Brace yourselves for more travel related dilemmas over the next few weeks )


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                              Re: What to wear on a long haul flight?

                              For me, it's as much about wearing stuff that I don't want in my luggage as it is about being comfy on the flight.

                              I always wear more or less the same thing:

                              - boots (so I can take big/heavy ones eg walking boots or whatever)*
                              - jeans (bulky in the suitcase and work in all climates)
                              - posh t-shirt
                              - jacket (so it doesn't crease in the suitcase)
                              - bulkiest item(s) of jewelry, except the earrings which have to be sleepable-in.

                              In my hand luggage I take a HUGE scarf - sarong or pashmina or whatever works for the trip - and a cardi. Plus a string bag into which I put all my duty free mags and books etc. Get on board, get the jacket hung up in the wardrobe, take my boots off, chuck on the freebie socks and the cardi, set my watch to destination time and go to sleep under the scarf. zzzzzzz...

                              *Does mean I get x-rayed a lot, though. Apparently wearing a posh jacket and walking boots is the sort of thing Security notices!


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