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Anyone used lactulose for their child?

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  • Anyone used lactulose for their child?

    DD has had nearly a month of trouble with her bottom. Altho she poos most days it hurts every time and when we wipe there's blood at least 3 times per week. Round her actual bottom looks sore.

    Went to docs today and they've prescribed fucidin h (hydrocortisone and anti biotic cream) and lactulose to soften poo.

    I'm a bit nervous about using the lactulose ESP as she does actually poo most days and poo isn't particularly constipated looking. As a baby she had milk intolerance altho now eats cheese and yogurts ok but I think lactulose has lactose in it?

    DD doesn't like to poo at school and does tend to wait to get home. This might not be helping her bottom trouble but I think having urgent need to poo at school might also freak her out and make the whole bum problem more distressing.

    She's been told to take 5ml once a day . No idea when to give it to her wondered about straight after school so she can poo at home before bed but concerned in case it takes longer than this and she ends up on the loo after bedtime or poos the bed?!

    Any advice or experience?

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    Re: Anyone used lactulose for their child?

    My DD was very constipated as a small baby and had lactulose and suppositories to help. The lactulose helped in a gentle way but since she was in nappies I have no idea how the urge was changed/increased. Maybe you could try the lactulose just at the weekend to try move her poo-time to first thing in the morning or evening time so she will be at home and so not have to hold on and risk bottom problems. Might help to try to find out why she doesn't like to poo at school too, if there is a particular issue you might be able to sort it to remove the having to hold on trouble


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      Thanks - im glad it helped your LO. Yes I'll give it a trial run tomorrow. She is afraid of toilets blocking generally (she has some sort of flood phobia - unfounded given we live at the top of a hill!!) and partic at school in case the water floods out or the caretaker is cross. I've tried to discuss this and allay her fears and said also that the poo hardens during the day as she holds it making doing poo more painful. But she does still poo every day all said so she isn't holding for long.

      The sore bottom and blood when wiping is problem enough without the whole poo at school drama!


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        Re: Anyone used lactulose for their child?

        I don't think lactulose has a large amount of lactose in it, it's sugary but I don't think it's lactose based (can't check ATM sorry).
        but yes, used it for both DDs at diff times. Dd1 was memorable in her dash to the loo but we'd had 3 days with no poo.
        I can't remember if its that one or movicol that you have to give them lots of fluids/water as it takes the water into the bowel so you need to make are they're getting enough.


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          Dd has had bum issues since birth again probably the milk thing now qe have established this!we are now I think on week 8-9 of no issues after a very long time!

          She had lactalose and it worked initially but def not like a laxative or anything it really did work gently

          She was on 2.5ml as a baby which after about a week did nothing and we went up to 5ml again as a baby and it helped then stopped helping again

          She then went onto movicol everyday for a good while and it worked and as soon as we tried a day without she was solid and sore again screaming in pain when going- again though not a laxative effect just softener

          I would try it as I really don't think it will have a need to go to toilet urgency effect I think it will just help soften things so she won't get cuts/be in pain with it.also dd was on 5ml at I think 4-5months and the paediatricians at children's hospitals said that no wonder it didn't work for dd on that dose (she was very hard and blocked up) so I don't think that is a high dose for your dd age

          Obviously some people my react differently but this was from our experience



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            Re: Anyone used lactulose for their child?

            I haven't had to give lactulose to DS but I have taken it myself when pregnant and it did give a more urgent need to go to the toilet. I think it is given to children because of the urgent need - especially in children who tend to hold the poo in for whatever reason. It makes them have to go so they have to use the strange toilet.

            I think you are going to have to address the reasons that your DD won't use the school toilets and find a way around this as if she is holding it in everyday she is going to cause herself some problems.

            DS will not use the school toilets except in an emergency as he thinks they are dirty and so waits if it is not too long ... but luckily with his system he naturally goes to the toilet before school in the mornings .


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              Re: Anyone used lactulose for their child?

              DS2 has lactulose regularly - he had 'issues' with bowel movements for a while and was holding it in, he said it was sore to go. The lactulose softened it enough so that it slipped out easier for him, his poos are massive for such a small child so I'm not surprised it hurts him. Initially he took 2-3 5ml spoons 2-3 times a day which lasted probably a couple of weeks until he got into a more regular routine and I still give it to him now if he hasn't been for a few days or if he's having trouble going.

              I would probably start by giving her it after school as it would be less stressful for her if she needed to poo after bedtime than it would if she was at school. DS's doses tend to take a few hours to work, and it doesn't give him an urgent need to go just makes it come out a bit easier for him.


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                Re: Anyone used lactulose for their child?

                Lactulose only has small traces of lactose left in it. It's an isomer - it's like they've taken the lactose molecule and "twisted" it so it's a different shape which means the body can't break it down and absorb it. The lactulose stays in the digestive tract; because it's a sugar it attracts water and so the poo is soft and moves along easily. However, I don't know a) what your gut will do with the lactulose molecule if you are lactose intolerant and b) whether the traces of lactose left will be a problem. Generally I think you should avoid it if you're lactose intolerant - but it seems she can tolerate small amounts so in her case it's not so clear. I'd start it at teeny tiny doses and build up, just in case.

                Ime, the best thing to do is to give it at bedtime, so there's one ready to go first thing in the morning. But testing it out at the weekend is a good plan.

                Alternatively, Movicol does the same thing, without the lactose. It's a LOT stronger and costs more to prescribe so GPs will always try lactulose first. But you can go back and ask for Movicol and just be very careful about how much you give to start with.


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                  Thanks for this. You see she's not ESP constipated altho perhaps the poos could be softer. Actually the cream has already made a big difference to her comfort. Will try lactulose later on mid afternoon and see.

                  Really helpful replies on this thread I feel much better about it.


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                    Re: Anyone used lactulose for their child?

                    Milk allergy is to to do with the protein in the milk not lactose. Lactose intolerance tends to be something you see in adults.

                    I think milk allergy can cause problems with constipation etc so might be worth checking it's not that. If you have an allergy to milk you would be allergic to all milk products, its not like lactose intolerance where they can eat yoghurt. But most babies grow out of it.

                    Hope she's feeling better soon x


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                      Thanks. She's actually feeling unwell and had a loose poo today so I think we will wait til she's ok for the lactulose.


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                        Coming back to this, DDs constipation and probs got worse again and tried movicol 1 sachet for the first time today. She took it in the morning and did a good normal poo before dinner this evening and is so much happier so will try a few days with movicol and see how she goes. Might talk to school about her poo worries too.


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                          Re: Anyone used lactulose for their child?

                          My friends little girl has had similar probs. She gets bunged up, takes movicol for a while, it's fine and then it all starts again.

                          She's now almost 7 and her mum was understandably at her wits end as to how to help her, her daughter was utterly miserable with it, kept having accidents at school when loose poo leaked through from behind where she was bunged up (sorry!).

                          Anyway she went to a new GP and basically put her foot down, saying it needed sorting, nothing had worked and it's getting to the age where her peers will start to notice. He reckons that with the on again off again approach her bowel has basically lost its 'memory', doesn't know when she needs to go and not. She was on movicol for a good 4mths daily no matter what and then they're gradually reducing her dose to retrain her bowel muscles. And she is a different child altogether.

                          Hope you can help DD to get things sorted xx


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                            Thanks Moffgal. This is useful to know and i dont want her to be on it long term. She's had two days on a starting dose of 1 sachet. As she's had nice soft poos two days running I might go down to 3/4 of a sachet for a few days and see how it goes. She's much happier going for a poo says it doesn't hurt so much.


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                              Re: Anyone used lactulose for their child?

                              Originally posted by Mrs Flowers View Post
                              Thanks Moffgal. This is useful to know and i dont want her to be on it long term. She's had two days on a starting dose of 1 sachet. As she's had nice soft poos two days running I might go down to 3/4 of a sachet for a few days and see how it goes. She's much happier going for a poo says it doesn't hurt so much.
                              Camille used to be on Movicol and lactulose when she was on chemo and after surgeries. It's really good stuff and most definitely works, the only issue is that too much and it can become a big problem, constant, watery poo's. In fact I had a large dose a few months ago (I found an old bottle) as I'd been suffering with constipation - I took it in the morning and couldn't leave the house all day, the oval shape of the toilet seat was ingrained on my bottom, I spent a few unhappy hours on the loo :(


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