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2.5 yr old waking up screaming from naps and sleep

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  • 2.5 yr old waking up screaming from naps and sleep

    Honestly my nerves are shot! e was always fine at waking up used to sing to himself then call for us, happy to wait until we came in etc. All of a sudden he's started waking up in the morning calling for me and if I go into him after more than half a second he screams the house down.

    It's just happened again with his daytime nap, went down fine (as I had wondered if this meant it was time to drop it) then woke up hysterical an hour later. I had to run upstairs at 100mph in case he woke up L!

    Is this night terrors, insecurity (he's just been potty trained) or attention seeking and is there anything I can do except ride it out? As I said my nerves are shot no-one wants to be woken up with someone screaming at you eh!

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    Re: 2.5 yr old waking up screaming from naps and sleep

    Max went through a phase of this a few months back, probably when he was about 26 months or so and it lasted around a month. We never found out what the problem was, but found if you actually didn't go up to him and left him 5 mins or so, he tended to calm down and then be calm when we went to get him out of his room. If we went and brought him down while he was screaming, he took ages to calm down once downstairs.

    It didn't seem to disturb Zoe, but her room is across the landing from his and both doors are shut so it probably wasn't that loud in her room.


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      Re: 2.5 yr old waking up screaming from naps and sleep

      Have tried leaving him but it gets louder and louder then he opens his door and continues screaming which is where I worry about him waking up Logan who is typically teething at the moment so needs his sleep!

      Im honestly at a loss he seems more scared than anything else but then I gave him my alarm clock last night and he waited until the alarm went off at 7am even though I could hear he was awake so he can't have been that scared?!!!


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