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Which formula is good for baby eczema?

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  • Which formula is good for baby eczema?

    At age 1, poor Annabel is suffering more than ever with her eczema and i know its really troubling her due to restless sleep and she scratches and makes it sore.

    It started on the creases on her arms and back of legs and i have always applied moisturiser to her about four times a day. You name it, weve tried it, even hydrocortisone. I feel the GP isnt taking her eczema seriously as why don't they refer her to a paediatrician? I did say to them every cream she has been given isn't working and that makes me think it is diet/milk related? She used to be on aptamil but when eczema wasn't going, I changed it to hipp organic follow on or their growing up milk but its quite hard to get hold of near me so i bought the SMA one but whether its a coincidence or not (as shes teething and got a cold at the mo) but her eczema is so much worse.

    Does anyone know of any formulas that are good for children with eczema?

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    Re: Which formula is good for baby eczema?

    I think it's unlikely to be the formula that's the issue. If what you've tried isn't working I'd push again for a referral to a dermatologist. You could try cutting out dairy, if you think the milk is the issue, but I'd seek medical advice before doing so.


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      Re: Which formula is good for baby eczema?

      I bang on about it but have you considered Chinese Herbal Medicine if western medicine isn't helping? I've seen very good results where standard creams and potions haven't worked.


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        Sophia has a milk intolerance, solely diagnosed by me.

        When I moved her to cows milk at 1, she broke out in excema (ebf till then) so I put her onto Aptamil +1. She still had a rash which over time I realised flared whenever she had cows milk (with cereal etc).

        Recently I tried to wean her onto cows milk again and it was so obviously the cause of the skin condition, she was so bad. I put her back onto Aptamil but it remained albeit at a low level. Now I am trying soya milk, it has only been a month but her skin is gorgeous, no sign of excema, her usually loose poo is a normal consistency etc

        I would recommend you speaking to a doctor rather than going about it yourself, like I did it, especially as A is so much younger but I do hope you can resolve it as well as I have.


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