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Restarting BFing - Help!

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  • Restarting BFing - Help!

    DD(10m) is still struggling with a stomach bug and the only thing she's keeping down is BM, she wants constant access to feed when wants to.
    We demand fed and I was still doing a couple of feeds when this bug started.
    No we have gone back to co-sleeping & she's on me all the time & feeding or chewing me.

    I don't think my supply is back up yet so what can I do to bring it back up? I am drinking lots, eating well. Anything else to speed it up?

    My nipples are on fire, very sore as DD has 4 teeth and two more upper ones are coming out so feeding is painful Wiuld nipple shields help? I'm using lansinoh.

    I'd appreciate any advice, thank you x

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    Re: Restarting BFing - Help!

    Skin to skin?


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      Thanks. She sleeps v close to me & gets skin to skin at night, only in the last two day we have restarted doing that.


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        Re: Restarting BFing - Help!

        I don't think it will take long for your supply to adjust, just keep feeding on demand. Rest is probably the best thing for you although I'm sure that's not possible with a sick baby and a toddler!


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          Just keep feeding on demand the feeding will stimulate your supply

          I would just use Lanisoh and just try feed through pain rather than shields or anything

          Can you give your nipples some air?

          Good luck


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            I would just let her go to the breast as often as she wants. She will increase your supply herself. If she's still poorly she won't want huge volumes of milk anyway, just little and often. I hope she's better soon.


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              Thanks, yes it's tricky w a toddler around, he wants attention all the time too.
              I didn't wear a bra at home today, mainly because of my nipples.
              I'll keep using lansinoh.


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                Re: Restarting BFing - Help!

                The more she goes to the breast the more milk you will make. You could also try a bit of pumping in between feeds to increase the supply. I think your nipples are probably hurting from the sudden increase in feeds and they will adjust soon. My DD has 12 teeth and she still feeds no problem. Poor little thing, hope she is feeling better soon xx


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                  Thank you x my nipples are sore, each have two tooth marks :(
                  She's no better, off to take her to doc again.


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