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Not standing at nearly 13.5 months

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    Re: Not standing at nearly 13.5 months

    Been meaning to reply to this for ages. How is Teddy getting on now? They seem reluctant to try and diagnose anything at such an early stage, I know that's been the case with Siena.

    She has had two appointments with the physio so far. Nothing particularly ground breaking. Although I was interested to hear her say that lots of kids don't walk until they are at least two!

    The physio seems to be adopted a 'let's wait and see approach' but I think that part of that is due to the fact that until she is 2 they probably won't do much with her and also that until she can stand properly they can't really assess her.

    I find it so interesting that since this started back in June/July not one medical professional has asked to see her attempt to bear weight!

    The physio has had a good feel of all her joints and says that she is excessively flexible in all of them and that she also has hypotonia (I had already wondered about this as when you pick her up she feels like she is going to slip out of your arms)

    On the positive side she is now a super fast at bum shuffling. She is starting to bear weight (mainly on the sofa cushions so she can hold on the edge of the sofa). The past couple of days she has been doing a bit of crawling and she is trying to get one knee up from kneeling down. So it's all moving the right way :-)

    Nappy changing is horrendous as I have to be careful as her bendiness means that she can contort into odd positions. The physio has said I need to watch out in case of dislocation or fracture. So I hate changing nappies and it takes forever!

    Next physio is on 16th Dec as they don't want to over physio her.

    I've also been told not to put her in shoes as they want to see what happens.


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      Re: Not standing at nearly 13.5 months

      Great news that she's doing lots of bum shuffling! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction.

      If Teddy was doing the same i would be so delighted! But there's not much progress unfortunately - the positives are that he can cruise really well now and walks with us supporting him firmly although he too has really mobile ankle joints.

      Other than that he still can't pull himself up, crawl, bum shuffle, move from sitting onto his knees or tummy and vice versa, lean over to the side to reach something etc etc...we've been trying really hard to encourage him and although he's getting stronger it's taking so long and he is just like a stone when on the floor, it's like his muscles are too weak.

      He's over 18 months now and we saw a consultant the other day who has ordered some blood tests. Looming over us now are thoughts of a possible degenerative condition such as muscular dystrophy...apparently the blood tests will (hopefully) rule that out. It's wait and see time! xx


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